to keep it safe i locked it away
nothing could penetrate the walls of my heart...
but the sorrow dripped in and filled it up
the lock was faulty from the start...

nothing to lose
nothing to steal
nothing in, nothing out
so afraid to feel...

until the time
i cracked open the door
and the sorrow inside
began to pour...

and an ocean poured out
around the island of my heart
and i cried as i felt
the walls of my heart tear apart...

putting hope in things non existent
never foreseeing the fall
surprised when i find
there was nothing there at all...

the brilliant glimmer of hope
i see twinkle like a star
with no possibility of contact
for the distance is too far...

i try to retreat from this island i made
and i close my eyes and charge into it again...
and the ocean of sadness filled my lungs
i know ill drown...i never learned to swim