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Thread: Hourglass of Sairia Chapter 3 'Courage Among Fear' Entire Chapter/Episode

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    Default Hourglass of Sairia Chapter 3 'Courage Among Fear' Entire Chapter/Episode

    COPYRIGHT© Do not steal it is mean!

    this is an entire post of chapter/episode 3! i've divided this one into parts so it will be easier to take breaks, hope you like it.... to understand the story and characters please go to my other threads before this one... thanks!

    Chapter 3: Courage Among Fear Part 1/3

    Akemi took the last few steps till she was standing right near the group, she then realized something. The boy she had seen that morning was in that group as well , there was also a pretty girl with them, she had long straight hair that was probably dyed dark green and her eyes were the greenest Akemi had ever seen, Akemi then felt an overwhelming desire to become friends with this group, despite the chances. The group looked at her as if they were waiting for her to say something. Akemi then clenched her fists behind her back and begun to speak,
    “Hi my name is Akemi Ai my age is sixteen and I am new to this school.” Akemi paused waiting for a reaction from the group,
    then the girl stood up and said “Pleased to meet you Akemi San my name is Kasumi Kaori and I am seventeen years of age.”
    Then the other boy spoke, “It’s good to meet you Akemi Chan my name is Takeo Shun and I am eighteen years.”
    Akemi smiled at them pleased she had met nice students, she then looked at Shou,
    “We met in class today… and I’m sorry I pulled that prank on you, but that said I’m Shou Tsubasa and I’m also seventeen years of age.”
    Kasumi then said, “Shou you’ve met her today? And you pranked her?”
    “Oh haha it was just a little fun!” Shou laughed “you should have seen her face when she sat down it was priceless” Shou then began to laugh hysterically,

    “We are terribly sorry for what Shou did earlier Akemi Chan please accept our apology on his behalf” Takeo said clearly annoyed with Shou.
    “Oh that’s alright apology accepted, oh and I saw you this morning Shun sempai you were riding a horse on the way to school.”
    “Ah yes my companion and friend Guresuisei, he has been my friend for many years.” Takeo said with remembering eyes, “oh and Akemi Chan please call Shou and I by our first names.”
    “Yes and me too Akemi San it’s always nice to have new friends” Kasumi added.

    Chapter 3: Courage Among Fear Part 2/3

    Now that they all had introduced themselves Akemi was asked to sit with the group, she was so happy that she had faced her fear and finally made some friends. Akemi shared with them about the group of girls just across the field,
    “Really? Hokoru did that? I didn’t know she was into me that much.” Shou said with a laugh, then he folded his arms behind his head.
    ”Well I don’t think you look like a frog, you look better than most of the girls in my opinion.”
    “Those girls get quite jealous when new girls come along, you should stay away from them any way possible.” Takeo added, “and I also take it your in Shou’s class” Akemi nodded, “Well then in that case… Shou make sure none of those girls give her a hard time.”
    “Will do” Shou muttered.

    The bell rang and all the students were gathering their things and returning to their classes. Kasumi and Takeo had to take a right at the reception hall to get to their class, so Shou and Akemi walked together on the way to their class. “Shou, you three seem to be very close… have you known them for a long time?” Akemi asked, “Yeah, we’ve been friends ever since school started we do everything together.” Shou admitted “and now you seem to be part of our group, but I’m cool with that you seem like a real nice chick.” Just as Akemi walked into the classroom she felt happy that her day was turning out better than she ever thought it would.

    Chapter 3: Courage Among Fear Part 3/3

    The day went so fast and Akemi found herself standing in the reception area with Shou waiting for Kasumi and Takeo. The door to the right side classroom hall swung open and out walked Kasumi and Takeo “where have you guys been? we have been waiting here forever!” Shou let out his impatience.
    “sorry for the delay we had to fix the project we were working on because we added something the wrong way.” Kasumi remarked.
    “Here’s an idea! How about we take Akemi to the student café next-door?” Shou shouted,
    “that sounds like a plan, good thinking Shou.” Takeo replied.

    For the first time in her life Akemi felt accepted and included, a lot of bad things had happened that day but she found the courage in herself that she never knew she had, because with every fear there is always courage.
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