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Thread: Hourglass of Sairia Chapter 2 'Dont Forget!' Entire Chapter/Episode

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    Default Hourglass of Sairia Chapter 2 'Dont Forget!' Entire Chapter/Episode

    COPYRIGHTę Do not steal it is mean!

    this is an entire post of chapter/episode 2! i've divided this one into parts so it will be easier to take breaks, hope you like it.... to understand the story and characters please go to my other threads before this one... thanks!

    Chapter 2: Never Forget! Part 1/3

    Akemi took her first few steps into the room, she felt the stabbing pain of all the eyes that were locked on her, it seemed all of them had daggers for eyes. Akemi felt very hot as she walked up to the teachers desk the embarrassment of arriving late was getting to her, she took a quick glance at her class who were all staring at her with evil smirks on their faces,
    “ah you must be the new student in this class I was expecting you, not a good start Ai san.” The teacher shook her head, “please take a seat over there Ai san, next time I expect better from you.” The teacher pointed at an empty desk.
    Akemi bowed and then walked over to her seat she sat down, then all of a sudden she felt a sharp pain she immediately stood up and let out a quick scream, she then covered her mouth and realized what she had done. The teacher was furious,
    “Miss Ai how dare you interrupt my lesson!”
    Akemi then said without thinking “it wasn’t my fault I don’t know what happened.”
    The class suddenly burst out laughing some of them were even falling off their chairs and rolling on the floor. “Wait a minute” the teacher paused, “I think I know who is responsible for this.” The teacher walked up to the boy sitting in front of Akemi who was rolling on the floor. Without remorse the teacher grabbed the boy by his ear and pulled him up. “Shou Tsubasa…. I might have known” the teacher remarked.
    “Yuuri sensei cooome oon it wasn’t me!” Shou whined,
    “Nonsense! You will apologize to Ai san right this instant!” the teacher snapped, the class stopped their laughing and returned to their seats.
    Shou looked at Akemi then mumbled “Hey i'm sorry.” Akemi nodded, she looked at him a little closer he had deep brown eyes and light brown hair with streaks of black.
    “Because what you have done was wrong Shou san I am sending you to the headmaster, please come up the front after you have gathered your things to get your referral form” The teacher said calmly.
    Akemi pulled the thing out of her dress, she saw that it was a tiny pin that had probably been put there just before she was told to sit down.

    Just after Shou had left the lesson continued, Akemi could not stop thinking about the way he looked at her. She admired how even after he did something wrong he looked her in the eyes she wondered if he really meant it. She spent the entire period telling herself that she would never be late again, that was a promise!

    Chapter 2: Never Forget! Part 2/3

    The bell rang, that marked the end of the period Akemi wanted nothing other than to go to the library and see what kind of books they had even though she knew there would probably be none of the series she liked. The problem was: she didn’t know where the library was. All the students had gone to the quad and she was the only one wandering the school halls. “Maybe I should go to the quad who knows I might make friends… this is a new school after all." Akemi whispered to herself, then she decided she would go out… just for a peek, she ran to the reception area and then took the left door leading to the left student quad.

    When she stepped outside she saw a big stoned area with gazebos and brick tree sections, in the middle of the tree sections cherry blossoms were in bloom. Just behind that there was a field which Akemi guessed would be where the students must play sports, there was a big brick wall dividing the left student quad from the right. “This school really gives you the freedom of choice” Akemi thought to herself, then Akemi realized how many students there were. There were hundreds of students hanging out in these areas some of the students Akemi recognized from her class, one particular group of girls were snickering and laughing to one another with their eyes on her, for some reason Akemi knew it was time to leave the quad and seek out the library, but before she moved she saw something that she wanted to stay for.

    Chapter 2: Never Forget! Part 3/3

    Just at the end of the field there was a huge willow tree overlooking a small yet elegant pond, and on a big park bench sat the boy who had put the pin on her chair and two others which she couldn't see very well, she remembered his name was Shou. Akemi walked past the group of girls when suddenly she was grabbed by the arm and twirled over, she was face to face with a girl who looked so pretty it made her feel ugly.
    “so is this the girl all of you are talking about” the soothing yet cold voice spoke “she is far too ugly to even be thinking of coming to the left student quad” the girl was locking eyes with Akemi as she spoke not moving her gaze for a second, it felt like winter itself was blowing in her face. “it must have been a real shame to arrive late to your class, and get pranked by one of the most popular guys in the school, this isn’t your day is it?” the girl said with a smirk, “and I saw you looking at him just now… you were going to approach him weren’t you? Well I’ve got some news for you frog you are going nowhere near my prince.” Then the girl slapped her right in the face, “I hope you enjoyed that, now get out of my sight you ugly creature.”

    Akemi stood there unable to move with her hand to her face which was probably red from the velocity of the slap. Then all of a sudden a feeling came to her, she knew she was better than what that pretty girl said she was, and one other thing she realized was that she didn’t have to listen to that girl, she was her own person and for the first time she had courage the courage to face her fear. She ran headed straight for the little group of three, this time she would not fail!
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