these are the baddies in the Hourglass of Sairia hope you like them!!! please be sure to have read my other threads before you read this!

Kurai Wakai: Age: N/A
He appears young and looks like he’s a teenager but it just mask’s his true identity, he is shadows made flesh he was made just before his brother Jinsoku but he looks younger. He is very disciplined and follows orders even though he usually makes them. He is also careless and insensitive. His goal is to stop the four heroes from gathering the four jewels of the hourglass so he can enter their world when and where he pleases; he seems to have taken an interest in someone….

Jinsoku Wakai: Age: N/A
He appears to be kurai’s younger brother though he doesn’t look it. He is cold and heartless and struggles to follow orders which tends to hide that he is very quick and gets things done before scheduled. He and Takeo are sworn enemies.

Kokatsuna Hageshii Age: 19
He is a distinguished and learned strategist who is the son of a long line of sorcerers his great great grandfather was said to have created the shadows of flesh so he is highly looked apon by the wakai family, he is very devious and manipulative even though they are enemies he and Sumato occasionally meet to play chess.

Hareyakana Utsukushisa: Age: 20 (known)
She is a cold and heartless woman of peerless beauty, who joined under kokatsuna to see the four jewels destroyed. She has a calm demeanor but occasionally loses her cool when mocked or beaten in a battle, she is also very flirtatious and tends to play with her male victims emotions before dispatching them. Because Kokatsuna blessed her with long life she feeds on jealousy and fear.

Hiyatsuyoi Yukan’na: Age: 17
He was found on the streets of Hellspeak Mountain in Sairia by Kurai when he was a young boy they became friends because he showed promise to Kurai, although he seems evil and careless his true feelings of bravery and care are masked. He is made to make a tough decision to choose between good and evil. He has control over temperature.