When you saw me walk down the road
You saw it, long and broad, the the awfull clothing
It was the dress, you thought nothing, but I had other plans
Cause my fans, enjoyed big fire
I threw it everywhere, my sire

A man like me, shouldn't wear a dress
Muscles and broad shoulders
Looking silly, making you shudder
Vests and shorts, nothing don't fit

A long sleeved robe, giving me attention
Making me look smart, while It's just a diversion
That it nothing else fits, making me look like a fool
While I still rule the show, big and nice crits

And so why I ask, doesn't make much sense
Why you care so much, about this mess
Bursting flames and frost, less than the Winter
Creating hell and moon, so I will stop linger
And move on, twisting my fingers
Burning your jeans, laughing like a maniac