There was a dark and cold feeling about the room. As if a ghost of the other world had just sucked the life out of it and stayed for supper. The room was not as it should have been. This cold and dark room had no windows, no seats, nothing. Just darkness that could make a dark man look a little lighter. There were rats of course in this room. Twelve rats to be exact. They were sitting around in the room in a rectangular shape. Maybe taking a nap or maybe planning a plan. They may have been dreaming or just about to wake up from a terror. No one knew.

The room was separated by long metal bars to a very large hallway. The hallway was dark and cold just like the room except it had two directions that could be chosen to follow. The right or the left. The rats were to be wakening soon. This story as well.

Derek awoke from his slumber to fine himself looking around at eleven other men. He was wearing a white one piece suit just as the others were. Derek slowly stood up from against the wall of the room to look around. Maybe trying to find a way out. Until suddenly he was grabbed by the leg. Derek quickly looked down to see the culprit.

Gordon grabbed the leg of the walking man and whispered trying to not let anyone hear him but himself and Derek. "Although I am as confused as you may be, you should sit down and wait for the right moment."
Derek was confused, but did as was told.

The other men slowly woke up and started to look at each other. Confused, blind, and desperate to find information about their whereabouts Oldfield started to yell as if in a panic. "Please where could I be! Why am I in such place!" Oldfield was not a fighter or a tough man. He had a loud and annoying silver tongue though. "Anyone? Should I sit here until my bones turn to ash or?..."

A man quickly jabbed him in the side to get him to stop screaming on the top of his lungs. Felix, the man hitting Oldfield, started in a low voice, "No one knows where we are. There is no need to be so uncivilized." Acting as if he was some gentleman.

Bunyan, Dickens, and Spooner on the left side of the room looked around and started to find a way out of the room.

Dickens turned around at Derek and Gordon and asked, "How long have you been up? Have you seen anyone around the room that may have taken us here by force?" Seeming like some type of Knight with a privileged duty.

Derek was about to explain that he knew nothing and then ask the same to Dickens, but Gordon began to speak for him as some sort of father would for his child, "We have only been up for a few minutes sir. We were stuck in here the same as you."

Spooner was looking around at the metal bars keeping them from leaving the room and turned around with a enlightened look. "It seems as if someone put us in here, but there is no key to open this door. Rather old too. It may be controlled from another source."

Bunyan not amused at the situation of being locked in a room with twelve men started to act very nervous. "Please fellows, I don't want to die! I have done nothing wrong and I need no punishment either!"

Oldfield stepped in as soon as Bunyan stopped his sentence and last breath, "Exactly! We are wearing white suits in a cramped room the resembles some primitive cell! I for one will not stand for this kind of treatment. I say we bust down the damn bars and see who would put us in a place such as this!"

Dickens sighed and started to examine the barred door with Spooner.

Derek stood up slowly as did Gordon and walked to the door.

Felix was about to walk towards the door when he noticed the other five men not moving and were still sitting on the sides of the room. Felix walked over to the group and explained, "Fine men, we should start to find an exit out of this dreadful place. I for one do not want to--" He suddenly stopped as if he could not breath on more breath to finish.

Dickens looked at Felix because of the awkwardness and asked, "What is wrong with you? Why did you stop?" Dickens walked over to Felix.

Felix slowly turned from the five men sitting on the side of the room and then at Dickens. His face was so white and scared that a woman looked more like a man. Felix had good reason to. For when Gordon looked upon the five bodies that Felix was trying to talk to, he saw that they were all dead.


This inescapable prison. For what have these rats done to be thrown in such a place? That is the true question for the scenario. The rats have been reduced to only seven now. How to react to a situation such as this. Should they sulk over rats they did not know. Maybe these few remaining rats should claw at each other to get their supper. But who is to know the answers to this question? Only time will tell.

Spooner walked back and forth, side to side, up and down the room trying to figure any possible way of escape. He was a intelligent man who worked at a accounting department in the big city. Snooper was always solving difficult equations and problems in various situations on his spare time.

Derek, now sitting beside Gordon along a wall of the room no where near the five dead bodies, started to think aloud, "Why would anyone want to put us in a prison such as this?"

Gordon looking at Derek replied, "Hard to tell. Before arriving here in this dingy place I remember fishing on a lake near the city. I don't remember what happened after that. I just woke up in this place."

Oldfield began to but-in, "My story is similar, but I was at the theater practicing for an upcoming show in a week. While walking back to my home I was hit from behind, but I do not remember anything else."

"That must be the culprit!" Exclaimed Bunyan. "I was at the church praying for my sickly mother, bless her soul, and when leaving the same happened to me."

Felix stood up and with and brushed off dirt from his white suit, "I for one will not sit here listening to you pathetic excuses of men. I will fight my way out of this room with or without you."

Dickens rolled his eyes in disbelief and started to search the bodies laying around in the corner of the room.

Bunyan looked shocked and spoke rapidly, "Do not touch those bodies sir! Those belong to the father from above now!"

"Or maybe they belong to me now. I am looking for anything that may give us a clue to who these men might be." Dickens softly replied.

Spooner nodded and began to search them too. Gordon walked over also helping to search the bodies.

Derek looked at Bunyan and asked, "Are you a man of the church since you were at it last by chance?"

Bunyan smiled and replied, "Yes. I am an assistant of a monk that works in the St. Peters Church."

Spooner looked behind a body and saw a loose brick inside of the wall. He pushed it back into the wall because it seemed that it was imperfect and needed to be pushed back. As soon as the brick hit the inside of the wall a clicking noise was heard from the wall, to the ceiling, and finally to the barred door that kept them inside the room. Everyone backed away from the door as it started to go inside the floor, vanishing.

Dickens walked passed Spooner to the hallway. The hallway was dark and cold, same as the room, but the hallway had two paths that could be followed the right or left. To the right the path looked short and bright with a source of light at the end. The left path was dark, dingy, and seemed to go one forever.

Dickens turned to the group, "I guess we have no choice. We must split up."