Note: this is after a war story that i wrote once, which i will soon post here, and there really isn't any spoilers of it.

Years after the OCAN-X war had ended and many stories of bravery where told. To the man that lead the rebellion, to the solders who saved thousands of lives. Also the stories on how great evil fell into pieces and lost. But one particular story was told.
"THE GREAT COWARD" he was named. people where told to remember his story, how men are willing to do anything to survive. We where told to remember the action, not the man. What he did, not WHO he was. And therefore, only a few knew the truth on who he was and what he was capable of. A man that as a father,a friend, a husband .People should never forget...

It's late night again and mom is still not home base yet. I've been checking on her lately it's strange that she's gone most of the time and she comes home late. And on top of that she locks her self in the room. She has never let anyone in there for as long as i remember ,and i once took a peek and i was certain that i saw a guys clothes in there and i know for a fact that are not from father Sora's closet. because i have never seen him get in her room either. I always told my self to stop from looking deeper that i might ruin my family but i want to know the truth, if my mother is cheating on my father or not.
It was 3:46 am and she checked in the home base. She usually said that she had to work extra hours in the status report of the aircraft's fuel compartment and weaponry. That one could never be sure when OCAN-X would make their come back and try to take over the world again by first eliminating us, The MASKED army. Anyhow mother checked in and headed toward her room which was quite far from father's room and there is an empty room next to him, why hasn't she moved there? that's one of the questions i want the answer for.
"Connor, what are you doing up so late?!" Aunt Lily said standing behind me. So i slowly turned around"Uh...n-n-nothing?" A failed lie.
" should leave Faye alone, she's tired from work so just let her be." She suggested and patted my head."Whoa, whoa,whoa,WHOA! i am 17 and i refuse to be treated as a kid,"i protested" What are YOU doing here? keeping tabs on me or what?" i asked
"Ha-Ha silly teenagers and their wild imagination." She mocked me.
"F.Y.I that's KIDS and their wild imaginations!" i answered back.
"Well i couldn't tell you are SO immature" I blushed when she said that and looked away.
"You are so like him." and she smiled
" Well i try not to be like dad, hes kinda grumpy. so i guess some of it rubbed on me today." I said frowning and she laughed.
"Well just go to your room and sleep tomorrow you got a busy day." she said and walked away.i saw her as she left the turned around to see my mom face me.
"It's late Connor what are you doing?" my mom asked
"er...I was a bit worried mom, you have been coming late to the home base." i WAS worried, but i guess there's a little bit of lie in that statement, or just not the whole truth.
"Well go back to your room. ok sweetie?" she kissed my forehead and walked into her room.I stood in that hallway, thinking of our family.
* * *
I slowly opened my eyes and looked at the ceiling, it was 5:16 and in a few hours i had training. so i got up slowly and walked toward the door when i heard a small sound i peeked on a little opening of the door and i saw mom crying while looking at something on the table. Did we had financial problems again?
"We cannot lose the house, you know how important that house is to me, i-i-i will do anything to keep it, Sora i don't want to loose THAT memory." guess i was right, so i stepped out my room.
"Mom don't worry about it we'll figure some thing out, besides it's just a stupid old house." when i said that she got stiff."Connor!!!BACK TO YOUR ROOM NOW!!!" father Sora yelled. so i ,scared, went back inside the my room and rested .
* * *
Holding the textbook reading about how the MASKED army started got me thinking on what has had mom seen during her days at war?How many people has she killed? what are her regrets? at the begging of the war people were tortured, burned and even poisoned to death. not on some campground battlefield, but in towns, cities and high populated areas. i'm impressed the world wasn't nuclear bombed to hell, and glad.
"Sir Connor Dion!! pay attention!!!" the teacher yelled at me. ugh wished she'd just shut up.
I was very thoughtful on what was going on, did she stay up late a over working for that house. i mean it was build in a rather beautiful place, that now the government wants, and its getting more expensive to live there. But we spend most of our time in the home base aircraft, flying over the world helping out the damaged cities all over the world. To some is patrolling to avoid conspiracies others just want to help."CONNOR!!!" i snapped back into reality.
"You're our top student, pay attention! The test will start in just two hours you need to concentrate!" ugh. shut up.
* * *
"Listen Connor! you shouldn't keep on going. you might ruin your family. you know that right?" Listening to Sarah's advices always cheered me up."Yeah i know but...Father Sora is a good father a good person; he doesn't deserve to be lied at."
"I know. But don't you think i shouldn't go there."she broke off
"Say it now, Sarah." i stopped her as we where walking.
"You said you had financial problems so-" I grabbed her by the shoulders in anger but stopped my self.
"I-I am sorry." And tears fell from her eyes and i felt like a jerk.
"No, I'm sorry. i asked and i snapped.."Then i felt her arms around my neck
"I know that this must be hard for you,lets not talk about it." and i felt her lips.I closed my eyes trying to feel the warmth but there was only a few. So i stopped my self and opened my eyes.
"What's wrong,Connor." She asked. I looked at her with all the things happening i couldn't say if i loved her or not.
"Not now ok, i'm just too confused." I unwrapped her arms from my and walked away without looking back. I headed towards my room with a knot in my throat i kept the tears from flowing and the rage from releasing. I was afraid of my family getting ruined, I didn't want that so i ran to my moms bedroom. She wasn't home yet means i could try to get in and now the truth. Even if it means breaking the door down and trash her room. Just thinking that pumped me up and i ran faster.When i got there i felt like jumping and kicking the door wide open. But instead i stopped and clicked on the lock:
and nothing
and it opened. My breath was hard and my heart was beating fast my eyes wide open i stood there not knowing what to do.If i took one more step i would destroy my family if not i'll give in to my moms lies.i knew she had chosen, so i took one step forward...

I ran to my room and locked the door holding a piece of paper on my hand. I put my back on the door and fell i looked at the paper and i saw my mom laying her head in a guys chest while smiling and so was the guy; the printing was from last week.
* * *
5 days after i found the picture my mom acted weird around me. i didn't know if it was because she knew that i had gotten into her room or because she had noticed the missing picture.All i knew is that she wasn't being her self and i could tell that she was fond of it. I was sitting across from her in the dinner table her eyes where a bit red, so she looked like she had been crying. And i knew what i was going to do will make her cry but i hate lies.
"Mom, looks like you've been crying." i said while i took a sip of my soup.
"N-no i haven't i've just been tired from all-nighter and i rub my eyes to stay awake..." she said it in a low voice.
"Oh, then you haven't slept in you room." I said it and i made the atmosphere a little awkward.
"Yes i have, how can you ask that." she said looking at me confused. I got up from my chair and took the photograph from my pocket and my heart started to beat fast again.
"I'll ask him then," and i threw the picture in front of her and it laded face up on the table."How could you cheat on dad with this *******!" Her expression was first really surprised then tears came out of her eyes.
"GO TO YOUR ROOM NOW!!!" father Sora got up from his chair and yelled and me pointing at the kitchen's door. Before i left the kitchen i saw Mom look at the photo and cried like i had never seen her.
* * *
I sat on my chair looking at my cellphone with 7 missed calls from Aunt Lily and Sarah. I had the phone when they where calling but i didn't feel like answering them. Someone had come and knocked on my door but i didn't even made a noise i acted as if no one was here the person eventually left but i was wondering who it was. Every one started getting desperate to talk to me so i know the rumor has gone around of what i've done.Then my phone rang; looked at my phone and it was Lily again after a few minutes the ringing stopped. And she left a voice mail, so i got the phone and i lift it to my ear.
" could you i....i need to talk to you." I heard Lily's voice. I closed my eyes and dropped the phone on the ground hoping that it would break but it got nothing more than a little scratch. If i did split my family will every one treat me different? give dirty looks? give me annoying speeches on how heartless i am? I feel this inner regret and also this inner peace.
* * *
"Connor, open up," I heard father Sora out side my room "I know you're in there so open up we gotta talk."
"If it's a lecture you want to talk about, don't i know well what you are going to say." I replied while sitting on my bed.
"No, it's not a lecture. In fact is something you wouldn't imagine." I was confused on what he meant.
"Are you and mom breaking up?" i asked with a knot on my throat.
"No." he replied and he opened the door with his key.
"How did you..."
"I had this key since you got this door, i like to check up on you as you sleep." he said and sat next to me on the bed
"Why did you do it?"
"I see the lecture coming..."
"sigh,I don't know how to tell you this so i'll start since the begging." i was so confused on what was happening.
"just listen ok?" he asked and i nodded." Your mom was born in a small town in the US at her birth you grandmother died and with in months your grandpa. so she was raised since very small at a Orphanage home with other orphans and befriended alot of them. and as she grew kids came and left. Knowing how kind and helpful she was in raising other Orphans the manager of the Orphanages decided to adopt her.Thus, the name Fay Dion was given to her. She mostly grew up with 4 other kids:Ed,Giselle,Eve and Evan. One day, when she was 6, she was walking at night to the store and as she was walking past an ally and she saw a boy. The boy was about be killed when Fay yelled at the man to stop. As the man turned around gave the change the boy to run towards Fay and both of them ran away together until they lost the man. When she asked for the boy's name he had no answer, and Fay took the boy to the Orphanage."
" He was named David by the manager, Nanny she was called, and along with Ed,Giselle,Eve,Evan and Fay he was raised.
11 years later the OCAN-X war started.And Eve with Ed were on a date the place was caught in the middle of a gun fight with the World United Army and OCAN-X soldiers and both Eve and Ed died. at the same time another gunfight was happening by a store and a grenade was thrown where Giselle was shopping and she died. When the Orphanage was told of the three deaths people where worried on how much those there has to be before the war ends," and he looked a little sad" Evan out of anger that Giselle, his Fiance, was murdered he went after the OCAN-X general David was sent by Fay and Nanny to stop him, but it was all too late.He got caught in a gun fight with the general and 5 remaining soldiers of the OCAN-X . Evan managed to kill all 5 soldiers and though that he had killed the general as well. so when David arrived at the scene and saw Evan with the gun yelled his name when he turned around the general got up and staved Evan in the heart with a sword killing him David out of anger killed the general and ran back to the Orphanage after he heard Evans last words."
"David went to Nanny and Fay to announce Evans death when OCAN-X soldiers and a General broke into the Orphanage and took David to join the OCAN-X army forceful or they would kill the whole Orphanage. So David went handcuffed out the door leaving Nanny and Fay, his lover, in tears."