.: Wallpaper of the Month :.

Theme: The Autumn season

Halloween is over and it's time to move on. This WOTM is dedicated to the season we are currently in, Autumn. This season, which represents an end or a radical change was (in some places still is) also the season of harvest. People over the whole North hemisphere were getting ready for winter and the birth of a new year ...

  1. The wallpaper must be your own work (if not you get the boot );
  2. Animation may not be used;
  3. Hentai will not be accepted, however mild ecchi is allowed;
  4. Only Anime and Games related wallpapers will be accepted;
  5. Allowed sizes are 4:3 (minimum 1280x960), 5:4 (minimum 1280x1024), 5:3 (wide screen, minimum 1280x768), 16:9 (wide screen, minimum 1280x720) and 16:10 (wide screen, minimum 1280x800). There is no top limit, just keep it within the aspect ratios (more info about the ratios here)!!!
  6. All entries must have "Animewallpapers.com" along with your forum name on the bottom of your entry (all of the submissions will be compared to the AW.com regulations and uploaded on the site);
  7. All posts must include the anime/game name the characters on their wallpaper are from. If the characters don't belong anywhere categorize them as "Miscellaneous";
  8. All posts must include the links to the original stocks used;
  9. You are allowed to submit only one wallpaper, however you can submit more different aspect ratios of the same wallpaper;
  10. You can change your wallpaper as many times as you wish until we close the submission thread (this thread) by editing your post;
  11. By entering, you are giving the Anime Globe Productions LLC irrevocable right to use your entry through site promotion and so on (Artists will still be credited).
Rules in red have been modified or added compared to the last contest.

  • Submissions are to be submitted into this thread;
  • This thread is for submissions and questions only. Each post without a submission or a question posted will be deleted and depending of the moderator's decision, the user may receive an infraction. Comments will be allowed in the results thread;
  • The submission thread closes Nov. 29;
  • For stocks check the Resources sticky or the Uploads subforum (don't forget to give appropriate credit on the wallpaper for extractions used).

1st place: $25 Amazon/iTunes gift certificate (the winner will decide which of the two options they want);
2nd place: See who left reputation (from the AF shop);
3rd place: PM Inbox Size Increase (from the AF Shop).

Staff choice: a tag and the badge

Good luck to everyone and may Saraswatiwiki be with you.