I Miss Her,
I Love Her,
But Will It Occur,
I Wish It'll Concur.

Oh The Smile,
Oh I'd Die,
To See Her Smile,
Tis' Not A Lie.

Three Words Of Confessions,
A Thousand Doubts Halt Me,
My Indecisions,
What Will Happen To Me?

I'm Crushed...
I Need You Here,
To Smile Together,
To Share And Care,
To Love One Another...

Can I Live?
How Will I?
If I Fail To Strive,
Will This Be A Lie?

All I Hold On,
Relies On The Hope,
Can I Hold Onto The Rope?

May I Share This Life,
As The One To Care,
Or Am I Fated To Grasp The Knife,
Or Burn In A Flare?

You Are The One,
Never Have I Loved More,
No One,
No More,
Endlessly,I've Stated...

Your Smile,The Only Thing I Need.