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Thread: Help finding new anime: Romance/action

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    Default Help finding new anime: Romance/action

    **Zero no tsukaima and shakugan no shana spoilers inside, if you havent seen the two, i dont wish to spoil anything for you.**

    Ok, i've just finished a series of animes, and i've finally discovered what my favorite genre is; Action/Romance

    So, i've just finished Zero no tsukaima (all seasons) and Shakugan no shana. (both seasons)

    i LOVED ZnT. However, the fact that Loise kept getting jealous and never let the romance continue got really old. If she'd let the romance go on, it would've been one of my favorites, however..that's not how it happened..

    With Shakugan, eh...i didn't really feel the romance. I feel Shana and Yuji were nothing but great friends at best.

    So, with this said, let me explain what i would like to see. I'll paint a picture, and if you cant match it exactly its fine

    An anime, where there IS action. Lots of it. With romance. With ZnT, i loved the balance of the two. They had their fights, and at the end, they discover their love. the boat scene is what particularly stood out to me. Admitting that he fought for her, to protect her, saying he loved her...that is what "touched my heart." So THAT is what im looking for! An anime where someone fights for their lover..or something to that effect.

    Oh...and what sells it for me is the kiss scene. The one and single moment where you're at the edge of your seat waiting for that one precious moment that they FINALLY admit their love and want to kiss and they go closer and closer until their lips finally meet and you savor that moment because you can actually feel their love and it sends chills down your spine and then you sit there loving every moment yet hating it because you only wonder to yourself "Why the hell cant life be animated full of animed women like THIS!?" *gasps for air*

    ...sorry for the rant...

    ANYWAYS! Give me something that will make me feel...ALL OF THE ABOVE AGAIN! please and thank you to anyone that helps me!

    oh and i prefer fantasy kinda stuff too..but if not then ok

    the following shows i've already seen, so dont recommend these ones

    -Inuyasha (didnt care for it)
    -D.N.Angel (eh..was alright *i didnt get the "tingles" from this anime)
    -Angel beats (one of my favorite animes *ranked #2 to me *)
    -ZnT (Loved it until Louise ruined the damn romance by not letting it continue)
    -Shakugan No shana (Would have been better if the kissed)
    (i've seen more im sure..just forgetting the long list. . .)

    but me someone!
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