Hello! I've recently joined this site and have the lyrics I've translated for a song to contribute. My question is this - how strict are you when it comes to translating literally from Japanese to English? A problem I find with all online translating programs these days is the tendency for them to translate word for word without taking into account the possible idiomatic expressions being used in the Japanese text.

And, of course, an idiomatic expression in Japanese might be completely incoherent if translated word for word into English.

I've made sure to carefully look over my lyrics so as to preserve what I believe the songwriter was originally trying to say, but I've also translated some portions of the lyrics in context into idiomatic expressions in English that would be easier for English readers to understand, as well. It keeps the English translation flowing, makes them sound more natural when read, all while keeping what the author meant intact.

I hope my question isn't too vague. Thanks in advance. (: