Ok, so what im trying to do here is have a darker Pokemon story, I tend to write short stories, so dont expect any long winded epic novels from me

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You ever wonder why we're quarantined in these towns?

I've never stepped out of Ecruteak until I was 15, to tell you the truth; I never really wanted to, the town had everything I could want. The burned tower was always really cool, and if I ever wanted to, I could go down to the dance theatre to spend some time with Naoko and have a smoke from the old man's pipe. Life was good in Ecruteak, and to be honest, I didn’t want to become a Pokémon trainer, that was a job for stuck up kids, people who didn’t want to contribute to society, trained Pokémon. I was as far away from that as possible, and happy about it

That was until they found Sayo.

Sayo had been stupid enough to go into Mt. Mortar, as a bet, and she had encountered something horrible, something that eventually killed her. What it was, well that was obvious. It was a Pokémon. A golbat by the looks of it, the body was found with very low blood levels, and she had scratch marks over her body, a Golbat must have been hungry and Sayo was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. And it had ended her. As I looked over her body I had wondered what must have been going through in her head. Was she sad? Angry? Regretful? What must have gone through her head? We probably think our deepest thoughts when we’re near death, that being said, maybe she just thought of the people she loved the most. Everyone she was taken away from, every goddamn person who would never see her again!

I don't know what happened to me that day, but what I do know is I was filled with a burning desire to have power over these Pokémon. I didn’t want to train them so we could form a bond and then rise to the top of our game while still remaining best friends, **** that. No, I simply wanted control over them, as a sort of revenge for what they did to Sayo, and in turn what they did to Naoko, she was a wreck for days. I saw her the day after it happened, crying her poor eyes out. “Oh Ashio,” she said to me, in her silky sweet, yet extremely shaky voice “I can’t believe she’s gone,” I placed my hand around her shoulders as I sat down beside her “Naoko, you can’t stay like this for too long, I know it’s only been a day but... I... Look, Sayo would not want you to linger on this.”

Naoko took one look at me, and broke down into tears, I held her tight to my chest and sat there in silence for what must have been hours.

Once she had stopped crying, I kissed her cheek, stood up and left without speaking, if I had said a word I’m sure she would have started crying again. And I sure didn’t need that.

I didn’t say a word to my mother as I got home, she said little to me either, but that’s always been the case its nothing special, what was interesting, however, was how she looked at me, she didn’t look sad exactly, but it certainly wasn’t the usual icy glare piercing into my body. She seems almost sympathetic, I guess she knew what I was going through. Dad’s death really affected her, I mean, it affected me too, but I never knew Dad, he was always away on business in Mahogany town working at the Zaibatsu, I think he spent some time in Kanto as well, routine business, but he was killed on a business trip, occupational hazard.

When I got upstairs I surveyed my face in the mirror, my Long, shaggy brown hair was greasy and felt heavy and my bright blue eyes were half shut, my face was caked in dirt and my teeth we’re in need of a brush, I turned on the taps on the bath and brushed my teeth, taking care to get everything out of them, appearances matter when you want to make an impression, or force someone to trust you. I had a feeling I would need to do just that, I’m sure most foolish people wouldn’t react well to seeing someone abuse the precious Pokémon of the world. Damn it! Why does everyone think Pokémon are the greatest thing ever? They’re evil, vicious creatures, and they’ll pay for what they did.
After taking a bath and spending some time on my laptop researching Pokémon, i decided it was time to turn in for the night, I didn’t feel like eating so I just crawled into bed.

I don’t think anyone in Ecruteak got any sleep that night. I certainly didn’t, I was up all night planning my escape from the town, planning the moment when I would set out on my quest of dominance, my aim was simple, everything the Pokémon had taken from me, had to be paid back, with interest. No sleep for the wicked, because he was up planning his big escape.

Planning his revenge.