As a prior note, this was a spur of the moment- inspired work in which I turned into a sound/word rhyming experiment. Whether or not the poem makes sense will be up to the interpretations of the reader. Please try saying it aloud to yourself and tell me what your reactions are, as well as just rating the prose. I'd appreciate all respectful input.

Absinthe and Denial

Grant me time to sync a song,
Rip a rhyme,
Or keep the calm.

You'd kill me no further
Than you'd will me,
Wilting withering wrought-
Within a taut tablecloth
Of sadistic thought

Though the doubts would pray
Upon drowning doused dowry days
Where one or the other
A sister or a brother-
A mother or a child,
A father or a smile

Would reach into the miles
Stretching far beyond the rilles
Which beg for ever sweet and ever lonely...