A fairly old game these days and one of the first to be rated 18, basically it is a beat em up with high levels of bloodshed.

The follow up to GTA III State of Emergency is a high quality stress buster, the perfect hing to recover from a hard days work/school in front of. Intitally you can just sit back and sit in stunned silence as hundreds of civillians begin running ablout the creen before you become embroiled in the utter mayhem which this game is all about. you have a vast armoury at your disposal from pepper sparay and tazers through swords, clubs and dismembered limbs to miniguns and grenade launchers you wreck havoc as you cut through the black uniformed corporation troopers and gange members. the graphics lack by todays standards but who needs good graphics when there's so many viiable targets running round the screen.

The two game modes and 4 moderetely sized maps add an extra dimension to the proceedings, you can either compl missions in Revolution mode or sit back and slaughter mindlessly in Chaos mode. The missions get repetetive after a while as they are all very similar, however Chaos mode is simply fun as you can put the kill count into the low thousands with very little effort. with 5 different characters to choose from it is more avriedthan innitally expected as each has unique moves.

overall: 8/10

a classic arcade style riot sim which allows carnage on a grand scale, though not reccomended for younger games dur to thr high blood levels