I am pleased to introduce myself! I am Amaro, and I once perused AL.com back when it was run by SaiBac. I have no idea who's in charge now or how things are run anymore, but one thing is for sure. I am a lecher. XD It just comes naturally to compliment girls so it comes off as pervy, I swear I don't bite, though! Unless it's a request. ^_~

I'm from Texas and I love all ranges of anime, from Cowboy Bebop, to Hayao Miyazaki, to Ouran High, to Robotech, to Gundam, to Zoids, and I even survived the Pokemon/Yugiho trap card years. I'm also an avid gamer and currently love Dead Rising2.

I am always happy to lend some advice personal or otherwise, and more than happy to have some interesting conversations. ^O^ Nothing shocks me, you are welcome to try, but I assure you, I can handle any conversation with a cool head and sound advice.

I hope to meet some cool people here. And some sexeh ladehs. >.>;; *cough* Also, I type with good grammar, but I'm not a grammar nazi. I dun care how you type. ^_^