I can't belive that nobody has reviewed this game already. several years ago there wa a poll to find out what gamers thought were the greatest games of all time for each console, San Andreas was second only to RE4 and will always hold its own as the finest crime sim to date. A personal favourite of mene and one of the main reasons why i am holding off upgrading to PS3.

Story: 8/10.

It follows the classic story of revenge and redemption as Carl "CJ" Johnson comes home his native state of San Andreas to help rebuild a shattered gang, the missions fit seamlessly into a story full of imaginative plot twists but it does tend to drag towards the end as it begins to follow similar paths to it's predessesors.

Graphics: 10/10

The Huge open plan map and slickly incorporated veichles makes you feel like you are eally a part of it as you fight your way through 3 strikingly difference cities with plenty of farmland, desert and mountains in between. The level of personalisation is incredible as you can change carl's apperence at will, giving him new har, tattooes, clothes and even take him to the gym for extra muscle. There are limitless possibilities for mayhem in the form of a selection of veichles ranging from bulldozers and hearces to rally cars and planes.

Music: 9/10

When driving there is a large number of radio stations catering for every musical taste, punctuated as always with GTA's classically funny DJ's. with K-Rose catering for country and western to Los Santos FM's hip hop and rap plus many many more providing oppertunities for you to pick your beats as you cruise through the landscape.

Gameplay: 10/10

Rockstar one more astound us with the veriety of themissions you have to comlete, the open format allows you to pick when and where you strike, if you are someone who dislikes doing missions then there is plenty of oppertunities to simpley rampage around creating havoc. Unlike previous GTA's the protagonist has the ability to swim making exploring even easier then before, also CJ can now climb onto rooves for better sniping positions. The lock on system helps those of us unused to the intense gun battles enjoy what is quite simply one of the greatest games aver made, there's even a multiplayer!!!!

overall: 9/10

It's length lets it down but otherwise it is perfect if a bit bloody and profanity laced, It's complexity can appeal to the perfectionists among us and is a good value for money owing to its great replayablity value and great graphics for a PS2. Fantastic!!!!