According to the man who owns the bakery, rainbow cupcakes and cookies celebrating LGBT pride violate the values of the bakery.
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Just to be clear this isn't a Gay Rights thread.

I'm having a hard time understanding why when people disagree on something, they simply can't be mature about it and move along in their lives. Today people are so drawn to the things they deplore that it's a wonder we don't have laws governing the types of socks we wear.

Now the relevance the story has. Some students wanted to buy Cupcakes, for some holiday celebrated by the homosexual community, from a bakery; the bakery refuse on the premise that the celebration of homosexuality was against their values; the student left and found a different bakery to get there cupcakes from.

One question: why was this story written? I know that the students might have been a little miffed from not being able to buy cupcakes, but they got their cupcakes in the end, and the bakery lost some business, seems like a fair trade to me. Of course now there is a petition going around to have equal service in the area from businesses.

All of a sudden making cookies and cupcakes for a gay student group is against family values? So much for customer service
It's this statement that particularly creams my corn. It is a business, and has the right to refuse service to anybody. It wasn't like they were doing it because they were homosexual, but because they didn't want to become involved in something they didn't support. Then all of a sudden they become mean and horrible people because of there values and beliefs? Seems a little spiteful imho.

I'm willing to bet that if the students came back and wanted a batch of chocolate chip cookies, the bakery would be perfectly happy to help them, not mentioning the fact that the bakery is probably going to go out of business...