Since I didn't get any possible requsts on my blog, I decided to continue my regular reviews and review what could be the worst game of all time, and its tltled Superman 64..

Its a bird, its a plane, NO its.... I really wish it was a plane right now..

Story : The story of Superman 64 is well.. um. flying through random rings and saving your friends maybe? Just not a good plot at all, and I was very dissapointed when I played this game when I hoped for somewhat of a memorable or at least a bad experience, yes a bad experience..

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Graphics : 1/10 - Very very very very poor. The constant bugs ruin any chance this game has to actually show what it can deliver. The graphics almost look like it was an unfinished product, and a lot of people seem to believe that. If you think I trashed Legacy of Goku, then I'm just getting started. Superman himself looks very poorly made, and the entire game looks like a mess.. starting from the first minute you play, til the fifty hours it takes to actually complete the first level. Horrible graphics, just horrible..

Replay Value : 0/10 - There just isn't any replay value possible in this game, because once you play it once you'll never want to touch it again.

Opinion : 1.5/10 - Want to know what I think? I believe it only manages the bottom of the barrel here. With a horrible ending (that is if you ever manage to get to the ending) and with graphics even worse than arcade games, Superman 64 offers nothing but to fully eliminate the hero we've grown to love. There are SO many bugs in this game that its almost unheard of. Falling through the ground, the game freezint out of nowhere, sometimes if you fly through a hoop you'll need to fly through the same one again for no reason, horrible animation, and sometimes during the game Superman doesn't even sound like the guy trying to be him! Has anyone but me noticed that!? I was going to offer a bigger review, but it hurts trying. AVOID this game, PLEASE. Only play it if your trying to commit video game suicide, because its just.. that bad.

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