Thought I'd make a fight of several Monster Rancher characters against several Digimon characters here on this site.

Things To Note On The Monster Rancher Characters:

Pixie, Big Blue and Gray Wolf are all in their non-baddy forms, and Pixie is in her original, non-Granity form.

Things To Note On The Digimon Characters:

They stay in the forms they are in for the whole of the fight. No Digivolving or cards.

So here are the fights. Please list the outcomes individually and in the order that is given here.

Tiger Of The Wind VS Renamon

Gray Wolf VS Gatomon

Pixie VS Garurumon

Golem VS MetalGreymon

Big Blue VS Raidramon

Suezo VS Impmon

Mocchi VS Guilmon

Genki VS Takato Matsuki

Holly VS Ruki Makino

Hare VS Terriermon