I'm lookin' for a free, anime styled, medieval MMORPG, and maybe semi 3D, and a good one. What I mean by this:
Free - No payment nessisary for gameplay (if you can buy extra stuff but requires real money, then thats fine)
Anime Styled - The characters are anime, the drawing/animation is anime like, etc...
Medieval - This is tricky as my perception of medieval is maybe off. Anyway, you can choose a characters class and the choices are like wizard, knight, blah blah, blah. Also mevieval gear as well and environment. So it's more like fantasy medieval.
MMORPG - Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game. I want this to be where you can do quests with others, see other people when in towns and stuff. Role-Playing Game, well of course, you do quests, towns you can stop in, shops, armor, weapons, monsters, all that.
Semi 3D - I really would like at least 3D movement. Semi-3D being moving up and down, jumping, and environment has layers but it's seen 2D (like the concept of AQ Worlds, tried that game already btw, not the best). 3D being characters are 3D, environment is 3D, and well, everything is 3D and animations.
Please help me find a game, or rather the game, I'm looking for.
(sorry if I put this topic in the wrong spot, I'm new, )