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Thread: Sora

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    Default Sora

    If you’re reading this
    You are either a very lucky person
    Or really unfortunate
    In the end, the choice is up to you

    You’ve been personally invited to join my gang. But before you can become an official member, you have to solve a mystery.

    This is the puzzle: find out my true identity. The key words are:

    “Blue Sky”

    When you become aware of my identity, you’ll know how to contact me. You have six days to complete this puzzle. These are the rules:

    1. You cannot approach me or any members of the gang before the deadline.

    2. Do not tell anyone about the contents of this letter.

    3. The countdown will start the second you finish reading this letter.

    4. If you are unable to complete the puzzle for a valid reason I will send you letter of extension.

    5. After you finish reading this and memorize the contents burn this letter.

    Amaterasu’s Gang Leader:

    Chapter 1: A Model’s Everyday Life

    Stretching my arms as I yawned, I glanced at the clock. As always I woke up before the alarm clock had the chance of going off. Opening the curtains to the bright sun, I looked up and smiled.

    A beautiful morning as always. The view of our garden is what I needed to start my day off. After going through the usual routine of washing up and changing clothes I head downstairs for breakfast.

    Waiting at the bottom of the stairs is my maid. “Good morning, Miss. Breakfast is ready.”

    “Good Morning Sophia. Thank you as always!” I make my way to the table just as my butler John (I gave him the name) put down my plate. “Breakfast looks delicious as always!”

    “Thank you Ma’m,” he says with a slight blush. He bowed and then walked away to the kitchen.

    After finishing up I jumped in the black and short limo waiting outside for me. “What’s the schedule for today limo driver?!”

    “Ms. Miyasaka. As always you’re early. Lets see…” he mumbles while pulling out his planner. “After school you have a photoshoot at the park at 4, for three hours.”

    I wait for him to continue but he doesn’t. “Is that all? Wasn’t three suppose to be a modeling job for some new band?”

    “No Ma’m. That’s next week. You’ve been ahead of schedule and haven’t noticed but you’ve finished everything else already. Your next appointment isn’t until Tuesday.”

    Tuesday, huh? Today is Friday. So I have some days off. “I guess I should give them a call. They‘re probably complaining about how it’s been a long time. ”

    “What was that?”

    “It’s nothing.” I reply quickly. “Call my Aunt and let her know not to bother me until Monday.”

    After parking in front of the school gate I wait for my driver to open the door for me. And as always I’m the center of attention as the loud ‘Ohhhs’ and ‘Ahhhs’ begin to spread

    “It’s SORA!”

    “She hasn’t been to school in three days!”

    “Sora, over here!”

    Actually Sora (which is spelled out on paper as SORA) isn’t my real name. It’s only my model name. My real name is Aoi Miyasaka. Reporters once asked me why I chose Sora as my model name. The answer is because I love watching the sky a lot in my free time.

    I smile to the people that gather around me and politely accept the hand of one of my seniors as he lead me through the crowd. A little ways off in front of me I see a freshmen trip as people bump into him to get to me.

    I let go of the hand in mine and rush to boy’s side. “Are you okay?” I ask him, concerned. I reach for his hand, waiting for him to take mine’s. He hesitates for a second but then lets me help him help. “Be careful, okay?”

    He nods and quickly turns away. But not fast enough for him to hide as he blushes to the tip of his ears.

    “Did you see that?”

    “Of course. What do you expect from our gentle Sora?”

    Sighing silently, I ignored everyone else and went to class. Nothing's changed. And it never would. That’s a model’s everyday life for ya.

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