I forgot to add this to my list of anime to my intro. I saw all of it but not read the manga. I love the characters in it. I have to admit that the animation threw me off quite a bit, it just seemed so halloweenish... kinda like Invader Zim and really the sun and moon freak me out but once I got passed that nothing stopped me from loving it. I didn't see how Medusa was "in love" with Stein. I thought that was something random they added that wasn't necessary. Though I do respect Medusa as one of the best female antagonists I have seen in a while. Very calculated, cold, and just plain evil. The main characters were great... my favorite had to be Black Star. He kept me laughing as well as did Excalibur. ^^ So what is there to say? Perfect antagonist, good characters, good comedy. Indeed worth a watch if anyone hasn't seen it.