Welcome, to my first review in quite a while! Today I am reviewing Super Mario Sunshine for the Game Cube. Sunshine was released in 2002 and is definitely a twist from the other previous Mario games. Sunshine is about Mario and Peach going on vacation to the Isle Delfino, which has been polluted with graffiti and all the Shine Sprites have disappeared, when Mario finds a machine known as the FLUDD, a water cannon with the appearance of a backpack. After a while, Mario discovers that Shadow Mario has kidnapped Princess Peach. When the Delfino "police" notice all the graffiti on the ground, they blame Mario and lock him up. Mario is sentenced with cleaning up Isle Delfino. Now Mario must not only clean up Delfino, clear his name, and restore the Shine Sprites, but he must also find Princess Peach.

Gameplay: 9/10 This game has some amazing gameplay. The moves are similar to Mario 64, in the sense that you can do backflips, wall jumps, long jumps, etc. But there are also new moves with the FLUDD, which makes the game a lot more fun. Some of the missions you have to do are a bit odd, but definitely fun. There are other missions which are very hard, in fact so hard I couldn't beat them, but it's worth the challenge.

Plot: 9/10
Summary is above. The plot is great, not the best I've seen, but certainly fits.

Music: 10/10
Wonderful music. If you wanna hear how great it is, you should play it =P

Graphics: 10/10
It's a step up from Mario 64, but it doesnt stray too far away. I love how the graphics aren't realistic, but aren't too cartoony. The graphics fit Mario and his friends perfectly

Overall: 9/10
Great game, in fact near perfect. Just a tear too difficult but it wouldnt be as fun if it was easy!

I had a great time playing this game. I'm sure you will too if your a Mario fan. Although it's not traditional Mario, the twist is certainly worth seeing. I suggest you play this game!