Okay, we're getting this puppy rolling, if only slowly, at first.

1. No God Modding
2. PAY ATTENTION, especially to GM posts. Things like a change in the time of day, etc. are extremely important so be sure to read whatever I post.
3. Pay Attention to what other people post; at least skim other people's posts just to be sure they aren't trying to interact with you.
4. Keep Obscenities and things of this nature to a minimum (my advice is don't cuss at all. You can imply bad language but don't go typing it in all caps over and over and over again.)

For the start of the game, I am going to let your characters explore the site of the ancient Battle of Plataea. It's basically free roam and all that, but I plan to have an NPC tour guide tag along with the group.

Feel free to introduce your characters in some way, including, if you want, how they arrived at the area, stuff about their travels or whatever you want. I'm just wanting to get you guys started on game so you can play with your characters a bit and keep them fresh in your mind before we get to the bulk of the story.


The sun was rising over the plains near the outskirts of Thebes, its rays slowly bleaching the stones of the ancient Greek City-State of Plataea. The tall grasses, yellowed by the slow approach of Autumn, blew almost carelessly in the wind, some lightly gracing the harsh blue stone blocks that jutted unevenly from the land.

A large group of people were gathered a couple hundred feet away, a tall man in casual wear stood in the middle of them with a large covered box on the ground next to him. He was the tour guide, but they were in no particular rush to get going. He had driven the bus with the majority of people on it, but it wasn't yet time to begin the tour. Some of the people in their group had already began to explore the ruins, themselves.


Most players will have ridden to the site on the tour bus with everyone else, but a few of you may arrive some other way if your character has another means of getting there. Other than that, you may do as you please (within reason).