I'm creating a CAW leauge using SVR2010/2011 and I need people to come up with ideas for several Anime characters and what their gimmick would be. Also, I already have a few up but they need themes. So, anybody on here who is into wrestling (TNA, WWE etc) HELP ME!!

List of Roster so far:

Battler Ushiromiya}
Jessica Ushiromiya}
George Ushiromiya} Gimmick = The Nexus
Maria Ushiromiya}
Beatrice the Golden Witch}

Shion Sonozaki = Tara

Rena Ryuguu = Abyss

Keiichi Maebara = Need a gimmick

Satoko Hojo = Lita

Rika Furuude = Need a gimmick

Lambdadelta = GM, Needs a gimmick

Bernkastel = GM, Needs a gimmick