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Thread: Sign Up: Ladon's Final Tomb

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    Default Sign Up: Ladon's Final Tomb

    Approved by LadyPSerenity

    Ladon's Final Tomb

    The mysteries of ancient Greek society and religion are numerous, though many have been pieced together by modern archeologists and other scientists. They've given names to their cities and dieties and crafted a gradual understanding of their way of life through extensive excavations, studies and research of ancient sites and texts. Even old stories passed by word of mouth down family lines, and other descendants of the ancient Greek people were invaluable to this pursuit.

    However, after years and years of discovery, the revelations of ancient Greece have dramatically decreased in recent years, bringing the front to near stagnation. That is until a singularly unexpected find is made. This discovery comes from the Gulf of Corinth, when a fishing boat near Thebes inexplicably collides with a large stone that had not been there before. After looking into the matter, scientists discovered that the rock had somehow been dislodged from an old, old temple.

    The mystery lies in its architecture and location. When it was first discovered, many scientists speculated that perhaps it was built on solid land before some kind of high tide or flood submerged the structure. However, after some solid research into the matter was made, the scientists could only conclude that it being underwater was no accident. Somehow, the Greek people had managed to fully construct a temple deep beneath the waters that filtered in from the Ionian Sea.

    With the induction of discovery and scientific research also came the tourism. Tourists flock to the site of this unbelievable monument to the power and wisdom of the ancient Greek people. Access to actually view the temple is limited to those that are researching it and those that have managed to buy a ticket to join the team on scientific research. These tickets are extremely expensive, but the adventure they access is an incredible one. Ordinary civilians are allowed onto one of many small submarine vehicles to descend onto the site where they are given information on the research that is being conducted and what has been discovered, thus far. The expedition is topped off with a breath-taking scuba dive to view the temple, outside the submarine.

    Obviously, it wouldn't be much of an RPG, if that's all it was about. The submarine begins the RPG, but what happens from there on will set off the rest of the game. Details of the adventure that comes after are a surprise, and not knowing will make it more real for your characters so don't expect too many hints. You're just going to have to receive the information as it's given to you and react. This game will function something like a survival/adventure, though it is mainly a mystery. At times, it will be very difficult and at other times, it will be easy-going and fairly quiet.

    Please realize, this is an RPG that has a lot to do with ancient Greece, so expect the supernatural on level with the Greek Pantheon.

    I will not actually be playing any specific characters. I will control some of the scientists on the submarine, but only as NPCs. I will mainly be doing things like changing the time of day, alerting when new big things happen. I'm basically playing God and controlling your environment: the actual Role Playing is just for you guys.

    Also, because there is a very specific starting point for this game, there is a point where I will no longer accept new characters for the game. Since a tour such as this would likely only allow a certain number of people on board, a maximum of 20 total characters will be accepted. Then, the ship will be boarded and it will dive, and I will ask LadyP to shut down the Sign Up thread. From there on, I would like it if my cast stayed with me for the remainder of the game. If you feel that you need to drop out at some point, hand your character off to some one you trust to play them well, first. Or, if you prefer, we can find a way to kill off your character, instead, but I would much rather you just handed him/her off to another player.

    Until further notice, you may only control 1 character. I may lax this later if we need to fill up the cast and get started. You can discuss amongst yourselves, if you want to create characters that are related to one another or know each other prior to the start of the game.

    Character Sheet:

    Country of Origin:

    NOTE: You can have up to 5 advantages, but you must have the same number of disadvantages. The disadvantages don't have to be as big as your advantages, but I want an equal number to even out your character, a bit. Your characters, by the way, are normal, modern day human beings, so you will NOT have advantages like magic, or flying or anything ridiculous like that. Also, be aware that this is an expedition into an area of delicate scientific research, meaning you would be searched before boarding and would not be allowed to carry firearms and other weapons on board. You might make an advantage where you are good with a certain type of weapon, but you will not have access to it, from the start of the game. I may give you access to it or something like it later, though. If you want to create a character with some kind of psychic gift, I may allow this to a very small extent, but you will need to discuss that with me, via PM, first.

    For the sake of keeping things simple, all characters can speak Greek, so we just write all dialog in English, without trying to get too fancy.

    Sample Character Sheet:

    Name: Shayna Taylor
    Age: 24
    Gender: Female
    Ethnicity: English, Irish, a little Native American
    Country of Origin: U.S.A.
    Appearance: Has a little melanin in her skin, making her slightly darker than your average white girl. She has long hair of a deep auburn color, which she usually has up in a ponytail or some other hairstyle that keeps it out of the way. She wear comfortable clothes that are easy to move around in and usually has socks and sneakers on. Doesn't tend to wear jewelry or make-up or anything like that, unless she feels like getting herself gussied up for a special event.
    Personality: Sporty and Spunky, she's always had a thing for adventure. She's very active and loves having fun and being light-hearted. She doesn't take anything from anyone, though, and can be very defensive and belligerent when matters of gender and gender roles come into play.
    Background: When she was a little, she was always picked on for being fat. After she graduated from High School, she'd had enough of being pushed around, made fun of and unhealthy, so she immediately began pushing herself to be stronger and more healthy. Eventually, she went from being morbidly obese to a drop-dead gorgeous vixen, with a lot of strength, speed, and, for once, self confidence. However, during her time in college, she began to gain a deep love and interest for the ancient Greek culture. After earning herself some decent cash in her post-college job as a graduate assistant she decided she would start working on her Master's in classic literature, which brought her to a semester of study in Greece. Luckily for her, she had managed to procure enough money to give herself this one day excursion to explore the temple ruins that were recently uncovered beneath the waters in the Gulf of Corinth.
    Advantages: good endurance and speed, has unusually good luck, extensive knowledge of the ancient Greeks
    Disadvantages: A bit of a hard-head, holds grudges, indecisive, tends to be spacey and can drop things she's holding if she isn't more attentive.

    Since I'm not controlling any actual characters, some one else may use this one, if they want.

    I also have some maps of Europe and Greece so that the players would have a general idea of where they are:
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