Hi! This is Schultz from Tokyo Damage Report.
I hope this is the right place to post this:
I’ve made a free, downloadable ‘Japanese synonym dictionary’ to help you tell Japanese synonyms apart.
It explains not only the different nuances, but explains useage: when to use this one and when to use that one.
Like, for instance, ever wondered how ばか、ボケ、 おろか、 まぬけ、 and あほ were different?
I took care of that for you.
Over 1,200 Japanese words. No ads. Strictly DIY.
Here's the link (kind of):
hellodamage dot com/top/synonym-dictionary/
It’s still very incomplete. Anyone with ideas of words they’d like to add, corrections to my mistakes, or ideas of how to organize/present the information better, please leave a comment.