i have come to tell you all about something strange and wonderful that i have stumbled upon in my journeys. its called Amtgard.
Amtgard is a Live Action Roleplay Combat game played all over the United States, Canada, and parts of Europe. players choose from different battle classes, anything from the stealthy Assassin, to the bloodlusting, warmonging Barbarian, to even powerful Wizards, Druids, and Healers, each with their own different traits, abilities, and customizable weapon sets.
list of classes are as follows:

Warrior- standard fighting class.
Assassin- sneaky killer for hire.
Scout- champion of the forest and skilled archer.
Barbarian- brutal and unrelenting warfighter.
Monk- expertly trained and highly skilled "peaceful" fighter.
Archer- master of the longbow.
Wizard- powerful sorcerers of Ancient times.
Druid- Magic user who draws his power from nature.
Bard- able to turn the tides of battle with song.
Healer- Peaceful battle cleric able to heal the wounded.

Prestigious classes that can only be played after aquiring Knighthood.

Paladin- The ultimate good guy of legend and defender of peace and innocence.
Anti-Paladin- The classic villain determined to bring evil and darkness to the world.

Aside from the many battle classes there are many different types of weapons to be wielded, all of which are made for safety on the field. these range from the standard sword and shield to the long spearlike pole-arm and a wide variety in between, each with different combinations and styles to choose from!
if weapon fighting isnt for you then there are some classes that utilize an intricate magic system, with spells that range from verbal spells to thrown padded balls.

Did i mention you can make and wear different types of authentic armor, which gives you the ability to take extra damage without dying?

Theres something in Amtgard for just about everyone, and theres at least 5 or 6 groups in each state! (each with between 30-60 players in each group.)

so what are you waiting for? BEGIN YOUR ADVENTURE TODAY!!!!

to find a group near you...

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