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Thread: Death Afterlife: Chapter 4

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    Default Death Afterlife: Chapter 4

    This part of the story features Mina getting into some trouble. I wanted to show how Sain is having a hard time helping a person out due to his mistrust in people. Btw, this chapter will probably display Mina as a defenseless girl, but this is not the case, as will be proven in upcoming chapters. Enjoy

    Chapter 4
    We both felt a bit calmer after talking to one another, but there was still some awkwardness there. She was still intimidated by me and I was still reluctant to act friendly towards her. However one day I found that she was uneasy. I knew she was a bit clumsy but she wasn’t as clumsy as she was that day. When our teacher asked her a question she had to asked her three or four times until Mina realized they were talking to her. Then during chemistry she dropped a beaker on the floor. Luckily the beaker was full of water we were going to use, but something was definitely off. She was most careful when handling glassware, so I knew something was up.

    “I’m sorry Sain. If you want I’ll do the experiment myself and you can just copy off my notes.”

    “No, don’t.”, I said, not wanting to make it sound like a big deal.

    She stood there gazing out into space again, that she seemed like a rock. I waved my hand in front of her and she didn’t react until she realized that I was halfway done with the experiment. Before she gave me an apologetic response I decided to say something to distract her.

    “I’ve noticed that you haven’t been eating as much lately, is everything okay?”, I said because she had in fact stopped eating. She usually ate a cracker or a piece of fruit.

    “It’s nothing, don’t worry about it.”

    “You know that you don’t have to lose weight. You’re fine the way you are and eating disorders just-“

    “Shut up, what do you care! You don’t care about anyone anyway!”, she said angrily, but her expression said that she probably shouldn’t have said that.

    “You’re right, I shouldn’t worry. Help me finish this thing at least”.

    I was walking home after school and was thinking about what happened earlier. Sure I was glad that she had finally expressed herself. She usually acted like a girl who is constantly happy and all nice, but after all she is human. Still, I wondered what was bothering her.

    “Stop it please. This is all I have”, I heard from a familiar voice not too far off.

    “What this is all you have? You know this doesn’t help us at all.”, said a voice, taunting the girl from before.

    I made my way silently behind a dumpster in the alley where I heard commotion going on.

    “You know you have to give us about fifty dollars per day if you want us to leave you alone.”, said the greedy bastard taunting her.

    “But at first you only made me pay you twenty dollars. I was fine with that but fifty is too much, I don’t have that kind of money. Please, please just leave me alone.”, pleaded Mina, whose voice I could recognize now that I was closer.

    “I tell you what. We’ll let you go, but you have to do something that is worth around fifty dollars. That way you don’t have to pay us anything. How does that sound?”

    “Well, what sort of things do you want me to do?”, asked Mina, who was afraid and probably knew what they were asking of her.

    “Well for starters you can strip naked and let me and my guys do whatever we feel like.”

    “I’m sorry but I would never do that in my life. Please, just let me go and stop harassing me every time I pass through here. This is the only way I could pass since the construction site blocked off my usual way home.”, said Mina.

    “I’m sorry, but that’s our toll charge. Whoever passes through our turf has to pay the charge. Now if you don’t want to do what we say, we can always make you. There are ten of us and only one of you, girly. So will you do it willingly or do we have to make you?”, said the cretin who was already getting on my nerves.

    “Please don’t!”, shouted Mina as she began to run away from her aggressors. One of them managed to grab her by the arm but she gave him a really hard kick to the torso that sent him flying.

    “Hey boss, I didn’t know this girly could fight. Maybe we shouldn’t go so easy on her?”, said one of the leaders thugs.

    “You’re right. Guys take her down and force her by any means necessary.”

    As soon as he said that a bunch of his goons reached into their pockets and grabbed their weapons. Most of them had switch-blades and a bunch of others had bats or clubs hidden within their jackets. Mina was really scared now and she screamed at the top of her lungs.

    “Help me, someone help me.”, she screamed desperately. The goons slowly approached her and it didn’t seem like Mina would fight back anymore, not after they revealed their weapons. One of them grabbed her by one arm and another grasped her other arm so that she could no longer escape. I slowly began to walk away. After all it wasn’t my business and no one told her to keep returning to a gang controlled area. Whatever happened, she deserved it. At least that’s what I forced myself to think. Deep down I really wanted to help her, but I knew that it wasn’t my business. And she was right, I didn’t care about anyone because they would all stab me in the back. I was struggling about what to do, but I continued walking away until her screams were beginning to fade. I could still hear her screaming and it was then that I heard it.

    “Sain, please if you’re here help me. Please, you’re the only person I’ve met that has ever come close to being my friend. Please I beg you help me”.

    She had no idea I was there, and yet she called for me. It seemed as if her heart was calling out desperately and she called for me.

    “Come on someone hold her still. If you can’t take her clothes off just rip them off who cares. We’ll take the pics and post them online. Or we can blackmail her so she could become our gang’s own personal sex puppet.”, said the ringleader as he cackled like a hyena.

    Mina was really scared and was crying so much that she probably didn’t notice what happened next. Then again, not even the cretin’s goons knew what hit them. All of a sudden their ringleaders cackle changed to a choke. He was choking on a small pebble I aimed and threw at his throat.

    “Ten goons with weapons versus a pretty little girl. Seems like no one here has any balls, am I right?”, I said. A bunch of them growled at the remark and others were still astonished at what I had done.

    Some of them gathered their senses and came at me all at once. Two of them went two help out their ringleader while the other two had a firm grasp on Mina. Now it was five on one, and the chances were better. The first guy swung at me with a bat. Not to hard for me though, I quickly took a step to the left and avoided his swing, which somehow struck his fellow crownie in the shoulder. Another one came from the back and I could tell he was one of the ones with the switchblade since he kept his hand near his body, ready to jab forward once he saw my bodily target within range. As soon as he thrust forward I grabbed him by the arm and flung him forward. The blade still grazed my arm, but it was nothing to worry about. To the guy’s dismay he landed on a bunch of trash cans and fell unconscious as soon as his body hit the pavement. One down, one incapacitated eight more to go. There was a smart guy in the group. He saw how I quickly disposed of the first two, so he threw his pipe down on the floor and grabbed a chain somewhere nearby. This gave me an opening to lunge towards another one who had a switchblade. He needed to be closer in range to stab, but luckily my legs reached farther than his arm and I roundhouse kicked him right in the side of the temple. This guy was lucky he was just unconscious since a kick like that could kill someone. Once the guy with the chain was fully armed, he came at me with all sorts of reckless swings. He did manage to whip me in my shoulder, which caused me to temporarily lose my balance. It was good of him to use a long range weapon to keep me far away; it’s just too bad he wasn’t any good at it. He swung again and it quickly wrapped around my arm. He thought he grabbed me but it was the other way around… I had him. I pulled him forward since he had a firm grasp of the chain and grabbed him on the shoulders. Then I pulled him towards me and delivered on of the hardest knees to the stomach I have ever done.

    I don’t know if their ringleader swallowed the pebble or not, but he was ordering his goons to hurry up and take me down. The good thing is that three were unconscious and one couldn’t seem to raise his arm for the time being. Two of them were still holding on to Mina which meant it was now four against one. Seeing how Mina bruised one earlier gave me an idea. I grabbed the pipe the other guy dropped earlier and threw it at the guy closest to Mina. He let go of her to dodge the pipe and now was fixated on attacking me.

    “Mina, if you can fight help me take down these goons.”

    Mina regained her senses and realized that now only one of the goons was grasping her. She swept the back of his foot forward causing him to lose his balance and fall on the floor. Then all she had to do was kick his side and then his head and that guy was down. Now it was five on two. I grabbed on to the chain the other guy dropped before and Mina grabbed the pipe that I had thrown earlier. The guy with the injured shoulder complained and quickly ran away along with another goon. Now it was three on two, except in our favor.

    “Its still three against two, lets take them down!”, said the ringleader as if he was still in control of the situation. It’s too bad they didn’t realize that I was good with any weapon thrown at me, and I quickly wrapped the chain on a punks leg and pulled, causing him to fall on the floor. Mina meanwhile lunged towards the leader, dodged his pathetic attempt to stab her, and smacked him behind the neck with the pipe. While one of the gangsters was still on the floor, I quickly disposed of the other one by disarming him and then punching him twice and finishing him off with an uppercut. The last guy rushed at me, but I managed to quick him away. Mina brutally kicked him in the stomach and then when he was on his knees she kicked his head sending him off to take a snooze. We took care of that sorry bunch and I could tell Mina wasn’t scared anymore. In fact to my surprise she was actually smiling. The reason she was smiling? Well she explained that to me a bit later.
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