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Thread: RPG: Treacherous Gods

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    Default RPG: Treacherous Gods

    The land of Ama has turn to utter chaos. Empires have turned against each other; friends turn their backs on each other. The reason for the chaos in the realm of Ama is because a Warlord has become corrupted with power. The warlord gained an unbelievable amount of dark energy and it's because of her, chaos and darkness reign supreme. For 800 years the land of Ama has suffered in chaos and darkness.

    The Warlord started to gain more power in the land from her dark fortress. She started to building a army capable of conquering the five empires. Addicted to power and taken control over the lands of Ama, she made alliances with the five empires greatest enemies for the Helvibia it was the goblins, hurlock and Genlock invading their Dwarven cities, for Lucanthium and Imperium it was the orc tribes living near their boarders, these tribes launch raids on petrols, merchants, travelers as well as near by towns and villages, for Segunda it was the uruk hai follower of the one of the dark generals of the Warlord her self and for Anterium it was the dark dwelling creature such spiderlings, ogres, trolls, giants etc. After years of conflict the five empire banded together to make a stand against the Warlords armies that gathered at the plains of Arawath. The war lasted for a month before both armies were destroyed both side were crippled. What was left of the empires armies retreated back to their boarders while the Warlord began rebuilding her armies.

    A small band of warriors, pirate, mages etc. decide to get rid of the darkness. They were known as Heroes, these heroes come from all over the land and came under one Banner, their goal was to destroy the corrupt warlord. They failed in their quest and thus the land of Ama suffered greatly. More and darker minions gather to the corrupt warlord, Orcs, Goblins, and Demons etc. they all came to do her bidding. Like a plague of locus, they wreak havoc all over Ama.

    Empires: Capital Cities

    Imperium: Lithundion
    Anterium: Namilius
    Helvibia: Dalonica
    Lucanthium: Romantias
    Segunda: Miravur

    These are the five major empires. The Imperium is controlled by the Humans, along with other races. Anterium is controlled by the Woodland creature like the Elves. Helvibia is controlled by Underground creature such as Dwarves. Lucanthium is another empire that is controlled by the Humans. Segunda is an empire controlled by all races within the area.

    400 years after the failure of the Heroes, new heroes arise from the darkness to reclaim the light. These new heroes arrive in Tyrinthya, the Main City of Liberion. Liberion is a small empire but it has incredible amount of resources which the Warlords wants and never Empire is willing to give. Tyrinthya gives of a calm atmosphere and the majority of races live here. The Goddess of Light has sent a call to all heroes, summoning them to a Mansion in Tyrinthya. All the heroes know is that they have been summoned to a mansion in Tyrinthya.

    Karma will be based on the individuals posts and their character in general
    Multiple characters are acceptable.
    There is no posting limit. ( of course do not Spam )
    No bad language
    If you are going to be away for a few days, then do tell me and we can discuss something with you characters
    (Also I'm going to take what Hasu did with her RPG)

    When you guys Post, put the Character and Location at the top of your posts, like so

    Character: Captain Morgan ( Just an Example )
    Location: Tavern

    @ Everyone

    ( OOC: Okay, you are at the city, Tyrinthya. And at the moment it's free roam. You can get to know the other characters, get drunk or start a fight at the a Inn, stay at the mansion, buy some equipment etc. Those who are going to stay at the mansion or going to the mansion, you are greeted by maids. The lord of the mansion is no home at moment.

    Those who decide to make an evil dude, you are near Tyrinthya. You can attack locals villages nearby, attack a group of traveling people, get ready for an upcoming attack etc. )
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