>Sa hajimaruze saturday night choshi ha dodai?
> Let's stand up beeto wo kanjirukai

saa hajimaru ze SATURDAY NIGHT choushi wa dou dai?
LET'S STAND UP BIITO o kanjiru kai

Then there's a missing stanza; in between the one that ends "torimodosou ze" and the one that begins "HEY EVERYBODY" there should be the following lines:

NO MORE WASTIN' TIME marude yume no you ni
nani mo kamo nagasarete shimau mae ni

... Aand the rest is all spacing stuff, and this is all a formality anyway since you asked me to do this. Corrected version... would be attached if the new attachment-uploader didn't seem to hate me and not want to work properly. Er, here?

Also if you could throw in a couple of "repeat"s at the end of my translation, that'd be ace, because apparently I forgot them. Sorry!