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Thread: KotoriCon - New Jersey

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    Default KotoriCon - New Jersey

    Hello all! I'm here as a representative of KotoriCon, an annual anime convention in Southern New Jersey that is just starting to take off. We are a non-profit charity group in that all of the money we earn that isn't needed to keep our group functional is donated to various charity organizations. Last year we were able to donate several hundred dollars to Child's Play who provides games and other forms of entertainment to hospitalized children and to Doctors Without Borders. We will be donating to these two organizations again this year. Hopefully we will be able to donate even more this time around, but we need YOU to register!

    The upcoming KotoriCon will be held on Friday, January 14th and Saturday, January 15th of 2011. Admission will be $25 at the door or you can pre-register on our site for $20. We will be holding a videogame tournament on the 14th to kick off the Con, and on the 15th we will be screening anime in our many rooms, holding classes on learning the Japanese language, there will be several contests such as best amv and best cosplay. There will be a dealers room for all of your anime needs (we still have room available, so if anyone is interested let me know). We have also booked a few special guests to perform. Among those attending will be voice actor Jamie McGonnigal, PA Jedi, Cosplay Comedian Joe, and Uncle Yo. We will have musical performances by L33tstr33t Boys, MaeMae, Reni's Maid Show, and KyoDaiko who are a group of taiko drummers.

    We will also be adding a steampunk theme to this years convention, so if there are any steampunks out there interested in going, come in costume! Steampunk related discussion panels, workshops, contests and shows will be put together by our guests from the Steampunk World's Fair.

    Here is a link to our site...

    Click image for larger version

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    HERE'S AN UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just a sample of some of the talents that will be at KotoriCon

    L33t Str33t Boys

    Reni's Maid Show

    Uncle Yo

    Also, Uncle Yo may be doing two shows. He has asked to take part in our video game tournament and may be doing some stand up there as well!

    Here's an interview with Susan, the founder of KotoriCon about our event.
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