So I'm getting on the ball early.
Otakon 2011 early. Because otherwise I'll be stuck with a lame costume and that just won't do.

I'm thinking of going as an Italy.
This is my first real cosplay that I'm making myself that's somewhat complex. (the other one that I made myself was a No-Face [Spirited Away] costume. Talk about easy).
I'm thinking I'll order the clothes off Amazon or go junking for a blue suit-esque thing and add some flair to it.

My main concern is the hair curl, any suggestions?
I saw way too many pipe cleaner ahoges this year, I'm not stooping to that level.
Would it be a matter of a ton of gel and a lot of hope? Some kind of wire contraption I could wrap some strands around?
Now I always try to have an easier backup plan to fall back on failing that.
I'm thinking Prussia. Just because I think he'd be one of the easiest. (I could wear normal clothes and just get a wig and maybe some contacts)

Any pointers on either?
I'm trying to steer away from Canada, Hungary, Chibitalia, Russia, and China because they were swarming all over the con.

(The good thing about Italy is that if I can't find a blue suit, I can look for a brown one and go as Romano ;D)