Right, i am going to be creating a tutorial over the next few days covering all of the basics and requirements in signatures;
such as text, composition, depth, flow, lighting etc. if you would like to help by writing say, a paragraph or so on one or more of these items (needs to be clear, and precise, with examples [images!!]) post here, and state what section you want to do, and i will pm you the items i need to be detailed in said section.

if i say yes, write it up, and if it needs some slight tweaking, i hope you dont mind!! i will list you in the credits at the end, so never fear =)

So yea.. this may be a 2, even 3 part tutorial as it will be quite large detailing everything.
all points will need their basis on photoshop, im not covering any other program.

sections that need written (no order yet):
Design elements and principles (details: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Design_...and_principles )
Text (including inputting new fonts and decoration)
Colour Theory
Rule of Thirds
Lighting (different ways of doing this, such as filter>render>lighting, layering, etcetc)
C4ds + effect stocks + fractals
Burn/Dodge/Sharpen/Blur tools
Gradient maps + other layer types
Differing Filters
Brushes - different types, inputting/finding more brushes
Clipping Masks
Pen tool
Layer styles
Saving - pngs over jpegs etc
Copyright stuff (ripping, theft etc of designs will need to be detailed)

(if theres any points that are probably important to people, and ive forgotten them, TELL ME!)

I honestly will be needing help with this, there are people out there who can detail the colour theory (for e.g.) better then i can.
credit will be given were due