Signature of the Week #3 Theme

Theme: Text Preset

In this theme, I give you a word that you must include within your signature. What you interpret around that word is up to you, but the word must present within your entry. The word is ‘COLOR.’ Good luck.

Entry Rules:

1) Your signature must be at least 390 by 90 pixels, and no larger than 450 by 175 pixels. If you use animation, the file size of the signature must not exceed 1 MB.
2) Entries are due on the date of Friday, July 23rd, 2010.
3) All entries must have the text ‘’ on them for.
4) By entering in this contest, you are allowing the right to use your signature for promotional reasons or otherwise.

Other Rules:

1) This contest is run on a two (2) Tier system, one for experienced users, and one for less experienced. The system is designed to give people a fair chance during these competitions. When sending your entry, SPECIFY WHICH TIER YOU ARE ENTERING. Either the Rookie Signature of the Week (RSOTW) or regular Signature of the Week (SOTW). If you are unsure of where your entry belongs, Serated will place your entry where necessary.

2) Serated is not responsible for your entry following the contest’s theme or following any other above rules. If you have ANY questions pertaining to this contest, please PM Serated and your question will be swiftly answered to help.

3) Any comments, concerns, or important questions regarding the SOTW contest, or the weeks’ theme should be posted within this thread.

4) This contest is ANONYMOUS. Any discussions of entering, voting, deadlines, other otherwise will result in your entry and future participation within this contest being revoked.

5) You are allowed only 1 (one) entry for this contest. If you wish to make necessary changes to your entry, you are free to do so. You may NOT enter multiple versions of your entry.

All entries must be sent via PM to Serated before 7 PM EST (Eastern Standard Time) on July 23rd, 2010. Please label your PM “SOTW 3 Entry” OR “ROSTW 3 Entry” in order to avoid confusion.