I'm caught in this world,
where the love of those dear
Are close at heart,
but when I'm broken
I can still hope and still feel love
Somehow I'm caught in this world
Of those I loved in the past
Of those who cared
those who would dare
Dare me, don't betray me
I've been stuck in a world, where?
Where I've been in.
The world of unraveling hope
But deep inside there is still
A light
Each day something is new
I can almost feel it
Something deep inside me is telling me
"Where do I go from here?"
"I don't want to sit here?"
I am dreamy in my mind
Where I'm the falcon or
The tiger prowling at the night
A Misjudged world...
Fixed to be right...
Beneath these webs leis an inner peace
Please oh please.
I have been caught in this world for far too long
I suddenly come to a conclusion.
“There are many more who feels the same pain.”
Many who have read and have seen compassion.
Compassion is hope.
Love is hope.
Happiness is hope.
Somewhere I know that I'm not dying.
Instead I've been beating my own faith
My confidence has but almost not withered.
I can say that life has just started,
That I'll hope for a brighter day.

Written January 10, 2010, 10:14:16 AM

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Geomancer is the water controller of earth
Given breath of air when being birthed
He stands tall after growing up
Strong like an ox and tough

Don't cry for it's too late to save the world
The water has been damned in the sea that curled
It's late and people stand and stare
Do they the people of this world dare

Fight for the last time
For it would be your last cry
He won't stand in your way
for he wants to stare from the sea bay

The last of the bird's ashes fall
from heavens, but a sad call
He won't stand alone
His family should atone

For nothing is better than a new beginning
From the thieves to the cunning
He stands here the last breathed
He stands and with his sword being sheathed

He drops on the ground
The water for all eternity, earthly bound

March 08, 2010, 01:26:21 AM

I had insomnia here...