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Thread: Roy of Alma: Preface-Chapter 2

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    Default Roy of Alma: Preface-Chapter 2

    Mods, please notify me ASAP if i've broken any of the forum's rules.

    There is swearing but from what i understand this section is more lenient about it.

    Take note, this story has music to complement the scenes. IF you choose to use the music, then please note you should play them right after they appear. If the video is at the beginning of the chapter, then obviously play it before you start reading. The story will cue you of when the video/song should stop.

    (Plot is inspired by the shonen style plots of Naruto, bleach and other stories. There will be similar plot lines but for the most part the world which this all takes place in is original).

    And of course please comment. Comments, depending how they are, would help encourage me to write more and help me to improve.

    I continually edit the story after rereads and comments (this isn't the only site where I've posted this story),for grammar and any plot gaps/errors. Yeah, I kinda take this story a bit seriously but mainly because it is my first one and I want to iron out any bad writing habits I have. The music and pictures, serve only to enhance the reading experience, not hinder it, and so of course, they are optional. I know the pics may stretch the page but I cannot figure out how to just put them in spoiler tags here.

    Depending on responses, I'll leave small update notifications right here:

    UpdateNone so far).


    The Brightest of Lights Cast the Darkest of Shadows.
    + YouTube Video
    ERROR: If you can see this, then YouTube is down or you don't have Flash installed.

    (If you wish, play this song to the ending of Preface)

    According to legend, in the beginning only the Goddess of Light existed. She stood in her all majesty with her light brown skin and light brown eyes, flowing red locks which wavered like fire which could not die, and a heavenly voice which was so magnificent that it could soothe any wild beast into the calmest of slumbers. Her beauty was the light of existence itself.

    But the goddess was alone, so she created a companion: the God of Shadows. For a time, she was happy and created the world that we know today as Alma. Then Light created humanity and other beings to comfort her even more; however, she underestimated the influences of her creations. They soon grew out of her control entirely. The goddess, feeling powerless to aid her creations, disappeared without a trace left. To this day, no one has seen her since- nor do we know where the God of Shadows went during this time.

    What Light supposedly looked like according to oral tradition:

    The land of Alma has always seemed to be a warring world since the goddess left. The many tribes of humanity which have inhabited Alma always struggled and fought, drenching the beautiful skin of Alma with their blood. For 900 years, the tribes fought, and fought, and fought.

    Then in the year 901AL(AL=After Light), the warring tribes of the eastern side of Alma united so they would have safety and order. The Concordian League was its name and it was the first country to have ever been established on Alma. In the year 903AL, the few tribes in the center of Alma united to form the Theocracy of Kashi. And in the year 904AL, the tribes of the western side of Alma followed suit to create the country of Ryker. It seemed at last that humankind was beginning to change; however, that line of thought would be proved wrong. Throughout the years from 904AL to 942AL, two major wars ravaged the lands and the times of peace were nothing more than waiting games for the next struggles.

    By the year 942AL, peace seemed to be finally at hand. But something soon would emerge from the shadows to change these three powers forever.

    It is said in the history books that Light's old friend, Shadow, came from nowhere and made his presence known by slaughtering the most peaceful clan on the face of Alma,-the Cosmas clan, a clan which resided on the northern tip of The Concordian League. The Concordian League's leading representative, Captain Herodotus, attempted to kill the god, but his efforts were wasted and he was killed by the God of Shadow himself. It did not take long before other countries were forced to intervene and thus the War of Scars would begin. The three countries united together to try to down the deity and its army of damned soldiers.

    For four long years the war raged on, but then in the late months of the year 946AL, the Captains of the three countries, led by Sir Isocrates of The Concordian League, united together in one final fight against the god which they dubbed "Chaos."

    Sir Isocrates

    With the aid of the few remaining members of the Cosmas clan, they were able to seal the powerful demon into four crystals. Each country took one crystal to protect, while the fourth remains hidden today.

    But even though the greatest struggles for humanity seem to be just in the past, the winds of darkness once again begin to whisper across the land. But at the same time, light may shine over the horizon. As to who will win out, the poor land of Alma will most likely have to wait and see as it remains to be the battleground of all struggles...

    ************************************************** ******

    Chapter 1

    Part 1

    Chapter 1: "And His Name Was Roy the Valiant"

    Year: 961AL, 15 years after the War of Scars.

    The dust on the arena floor increased as the Concordian League fighters continued to run through the obstacle course. The smell of blood and turmoil stained the ground. The sounds of the clanging of the bright blue energy swords and light iron armor dominated the air. And while the contestants fought and struggled for the prize, up on the upper floors was a large chunk of Alma protruding out of the stairs. Residing on it were two upper class looking individuals, one dressed in a blue kimono with green flower patterns wearing a necklace tucked underneath her wardrobe, and the other was in a dark green robe. Both were looking down on the soldiers fighting in the arena. On the balcony, the atmosphere was a stark contrast to its arena dirt-covered floor counterpart. A large curtain was tied overhead the balcony to provide shade from the harsh and hot day. The air above was also much cleaner than the blood misted air below. The arena as a whole was a round in shape, with four balconies which protruded towards the center of the arena. Between the areas of each balcony were rows of empty, decrepit stone-carved seats, many of which were covered in cobwebs. At one side of the arena was a tunnel which on one side held two large stone doors which would open outward for those who wished to gain entrance to the arena floor. And instead of more doors around the gigantic stadium, there were long stone stairwells. There was little between the seats of those who weren't in balconies and of those who fought on the arena's battleground. On the balcony which had housed life, there was not one hint of conflict until....

    + YouTube Video
    ERROR: If you can see this, then YouTube is down or you don't have Flash installed.

    (Play to the end of Chapter 1 Pt1)

    "Father, do I really need to watch the 3rd seat exams?" Sophia asked in an uninterested tone as she looked towards her father.

    She began tugging gently on his robe. Eutychus looked over to his daughter and smiled.

    "Come now Sophia, you know it is part of the tradition that at least two of us have to attend the examinations. It is only for the first day of summer every year," Eutychus said as he gently patted the top of Sophia's head full of red hair, which was tied into a pony tail.

    "I don't understand why you keep your hair restricted like that," her father stated grumpily as he continued to pat her head.

    Sophia tried to swipe his arm away but he instantly avoided her attempt while letting out a laugh. He then laid his arm on the balcony's edge. Her eyes retreated downward as her eyebrows lowered tightly. She let out a sigh as she crossed her arms and extended her lower lip. She then glanced over to her father once again.

    "But father, why couldn't you just bring Talmos or Teolio? Or just have them both come instead of me- err I mean us?"

    Eutychus breathed heavily and let out a huge sigh. His eyes then focused down on the arena floor where the finalists were being ordered to line up by one of the proctors. The tone of Eutychus's voice turned more serious as he put his right hand over his mouth, almost as if he were in deep thought.

    "Because those two have seen a few of these already and I think it is about time you experienced this a little." He let his right arm fall to his lap and his eyes gleamed back to his daughter as he let out a smile, "besides, how many chances do I get to hang with you anyway?"

    "Couldn't have picked something better to do?" Sophia sarcastically said as she remained in the same position as before. This manner caused her father to laugh.

    A man in light armor then approached their seats. His armor clanked and clacked as he knelt before them.

    "Excuse me sir, miss. The finals are finished," he told them.

    Eutychus then looked at the soldier and waved his hand.

    "That will be all. Let Celsus know that the Cosmas clan will be down soon."



    ************************************************** **********

    Chapter 1 Pt2

    Part 2

    Down at the arena floor the eight men lined up side by side in the smoldering heat and blood-scented air as they awaited for orders. There was complete silence.

    "Alright then!"

    Some of the soldiers jumped. Out of nowhere a loud voice came from the opening stone doors of one of the arena's entrances. The deafening silence finally broke and the soldiers straightened up their postures. A tall soldier in dark blue armor with spikey shoulder plates slowly walked out of the shadows of the entrance hallway. Following him were Eutychus, Sophia and two guards holding lances.

    The soldier's appearance alone intimidated the group. On his face were scars near his sharp dark eyes, and the chest plates of his armor were ruined to the point that a large crack revealed part of iron mail underneath. His grimaces and attitude did not help his case either.

    "So only eight of you left huh? That's too many for my taste. Hmph, we gotta do something about this! Anyway, I'm sure you already know about about me...." the soldier then went face-to-face with them and said one word to each as he faced them up close, "I-am-the-****ing-third-seat-Sir-Celsus!"

    He then faced his back towards the group of eight soldiers and began walking away.

    "What to do? What to do? There's too many of you. I just need only one winner for the third seat position."

    He spent several minutes walking back and forth trying to think of a way to handle this situation properly. Then out of the blue Sophia raised her hand up high.

    "Why don't you pick one at random?" she asked excitedly.

    "Girl are you trying to mock me?" Celsus snapped back.


    A loud noise rang through the arena. Most of the soldiers jumped.


    + YouTube Video
    ERROR: If you can see this, then YouTube is down or you don't have Flash installed.

    (Play till end of chapter 1 pt2)

    Most of the soldiers jumped yet again. The second noise rang through the arena as two large stone doors collapsed from the entrance hallway. Piece after piece after piece of the entrance slid across the ground. Two large streams of dust spread across the ends of the tunnel and throughout the walls of the arena.

    "What the hell?" Celsus yelled as a figure started to approach from the entrance.

    The soldiers started to whisper among one another but quickly went silent once Celsus peered back at them.

    "Oops my bad. I meant to make my entry should I say...dynamic." said the figure.

    All the soldiers but one stood shocked as the mysterious figure emerged out of the shadows. He stood there wearing a dark green tunic underneath a light green vest. Attached to the light green vest was the Everard clan insignia shining brightly. Tied to his back was a long steel stick which seemed to be almost as tall as he was. His boots were torn and muddy while he stood there smiling. With sweat was dripping down from his light brown hair and his blue cape swaying wildly in the wind, he introduced himself.

    "Hey there....uh, my name is Roy. Is this where the third seat test is?"



    ************************************************** ************

    Chapter 2 Pt1

    To Cross A Long Distance

    Silence once again dampened the atmosphere of the arena. The heat and light of the sun started to lessen as clouds slowly came in bigger numbers.

    + YouTube Video
    ERROR: If you can see this, then YouTube is down or you don't have Flash installed.

    "What the hell is with him?" Sophia said out loud.

    She quickly had her hands try to retreat those words by covering her mouth, but to no avail. They were loud and clear. Roy immediately stared at her, eyebrows tightened and lips puckered. He then darted passed the soldiers and Celsus and towered over her.

    "Hey you have some weird looking eyes lady! Just how many people have purple eyes anyway?" Roy snapped back as he noticed the unique color of Sophia's eyes.

    Sophia glared at him with killer intent and stomped on his left foot. Roy immediately grabbed his foot and hollered in pain.

    "How dare you talk to me that way you damn, ignorant, selfish, deleterious, churish, infantile, repugnant, dysfunctional imbecile! Do you even know who I am? Huh! You stupid, childish, lurid, decrepit beast!" She shouted.

    She then towered over him and cracked her fists.

    "I'll have you killed you foul, malevolent, vapid, brazen brute! So I egregiously suggest you apologize this ****ing instant you vainglorious moron!"

    Roy swiftly...and wisely dashed a few steps back. He looked around as if he were measuring the distance between he and Sophia.

    "Uh sorry miss. Heh, guess that was a bit too inappropriate," he said as he bowed.

    "You have more to say sorry for!" Sophia roared.

    She swiftly pointed to the smashed entrance doors behind Roy. He quickly looked over to the collapsed doors. His mouth widened and his teeth shined.

    "Haha, oops forgot bout that!" Roy said cheerfully.

    But his upbeat attitude only fomented more tension. Sophia palmed her face as if it were ball. She slowly dragged her hand down across it and then let it fall quickly to her side. A cloud of dust passed through the arena floor and as it was before Celsus arrived, the large colosseum became drowned in silence once more. Sophia tugged on Eutychus's robe, pulling him down to her height. She whispered into his ear:

    "Father, does this normally happen at these tests? This guy is so bizarre. I think he may be wrong in the head."

    "Feelings you have for him aside, as far as I can remember nothing so strange as ever happened at these exams. But I have to say, I got a feeling that Celsus will be fuming in any second," he whispered back.

    "Why do you say tha-"

    "DAMN IT!" Celsus broke the silence. "Just who do you think you are? How dare you barge in the middle of a high grade military exam! Boy, the capital better be under attack for you to disrupt this, or else I'm going to shove my blade so far up your *** that whatever crap you have in there will come out your damn mouth!"

    Another brief silence followed as once again a dust cloud went across the floor of the arena. The soldiers that were lined up turned stalwart and just stared straight ahead.

    "Well that was thought-provoking," one of the soldiers snickered.

    (if you are reading while listening to the above song, please pause it now )

    This particular soldier had green hair and clear brown eyes. His uniform was not the standard black colored armor which is issued to Concordian soldiers. Instead, he wore a white colored armor with black lining around the edges of the plating. Furthermore on his chest plate was an insignia which differed from the other soldiers. Celsus gave him a quick leer. The soldier sighed and straightened his posture.

    "Ridiculous," he said under his breath.

    ************************************************** ***

    Chapter 2 Pt2

    The sun was finally being freed of the obstructing clouds. Celsus looked upwards at the sky as the clouds left the sun's domain and while Sophia continued to poke him. He then shrugged off Sophia and began pacing back and forth. He rubbed his chin slowly as he did this but then stopped and smiled. He faced towards Matthias and gave a quick glance while Matthias stared back at him.

    "As much as I hate to say this, not a bad idea rook."

    + YouTube Video
    ERROR: If you can see this, then YouTube is down or you don't have Flash installed.

    Roy's jaw dropped and Matthias grinned. Sophia threw her arms up in the air and stormed back to her father. Celsus then placed his hands on his hips and gave out orders to his potential 3rd seat officers.

    "Very well then! All soldiers, you know what to do now for that third seat position!"

    The soldiers cheered as they summoned their energy swords from their hands. Matthias began to take a few steps back.

    "About time. I think I'll take the wait and see approach here just in case and then strike him once he is open," he said to himself.

    Roy threw his arms up in the air.

    "Wait a minute old man! This shouldn't happen! At least give me a reason as to why I should agree to this!" Roy exclaimed.

    "It's to serve your country boy," Celsus replied while grinning. Roy's body pose did not change.

    "This is not right," Sophia said while nodding her head in disgust.

    Celsus's grin widened as the soldiers paced towards Roy. He then saw Eutychus and Sophia's guards guide them towards the stairs so they could watch from afar on the balcony. Sophia peered back at him, her eyes seemingly blank and lack of emotion. Celsus frowned at the sight of her face looking so duress. He took a moment to stare at his men as they advanced. He let out a loud sigh and yelled back at the soldiers that heading to attack Roy.

    "One more thing guys! If Roy wins then he is the 3rd seat so I really suggest not losing!"

    "Yes sir!" The soldiers yelled back.

    "Lucky~," Roy said under his breath.

    He pulled out the long metal stick that was tied to his back and began to swing it. Celsus jumped to the first row of seats of the arena and sat down.

    "This should be good," Celsus said as he folded his arms and crossed his legs.

    (end song)

    On the way to the balcony, Sophia stopped and tugged on Eutychus's robe.

    "So father, does this usually happen at the exams?" She whispered to his ear.

    "No," he replied while he gazed upon Roy, "but at least you gave him a chance now."

    Sophia's right eyebrow bent upwards and her mouth gaped, "What do you mean?"
    + YouTube Video
    ERROR: If you can see this, then YouTube is down or you don't have Flash installed.

    Then all of a sudden the air pressure seemed to drop and shortly thereafter a green light shun throughout the stadium. A powerful wind followed as the stadium lit up due to the light. Roy let out a cry as he unleashed his weapon. A thick arc of light was bursting out of the top of metal stick as he held it in his hands.

    "Now then, all set," said Roy.

    He then slammed the bottom of the weapon on the ground.

    "Amazing," she whispered to herself, it looks almost like some sort of scythe. Simply...amazing....Is this guy for real?"

    Another cloud came towards the sun, partially blocking it. A long shadow protruded from the stadium, hovering over her and the soldiers facing Roy. He and his weapon stood out alone in the little sunlight there was available in the stadium.

    "It's almost like... the Goddess of Light..... wants him to win."

    Roy smiled and poised himself for combat as the soldiers charged towards him all at once.

    "Sorry guys, but you'll see I'll be the one out on top today!"

    The closest soldier thrusted forward his energy sword; however, to his surprise Roy vanished.

    "Up here!"

    A shadow quickly loomed over the soldier. He responsively looked up only to find a large energy scythe just inches away from his face. He immediately skips backwards to avoid the grasp of death.

    "Oh no you don't!" Roy exclaimed as he landed.

    He quickly rockets his fist toward the retreating soldier. The soldier tried to dash even further away but by the time he tried to make a second step for the retreat he found himself go blank in a split second. The others stalled in their positions as they saw one of their rivals go flying in the air, landing 10 feet away from his original spot. He groaned and attempted to get up from the impact but he couldn't succeed. The other soldiers then glanced back at Roy with sweat trickling down their necks. Roy peers back at them. Across the arena Matthias gazed upon the battle.

    "Hmm, seems like i made the right decision in hanging back. But he still isn't that good," Matthias thought to himself.

    "You guys are actually not all that strong it seems. I think it might be better for all of you to come at me together," Roy said calmly with his arm still extended and his left hand still clenched.

    "Your move."

    ************************************************** *******

    Chapter 2 Pt3

    "Well then, are none of you willing to make a move?" Roy asked as the pupils of his eyes partly reflected sunlight.

    + YouTube Video
    ERROR: If you can see this, then YouTube is down or you don't have Flash installed.

    "Then let me show you the extent of my resolve."

    Roy began to swing his scythe above his head. As he swung the weapon faster and faster, a halo of light hovered over him. The soldiers' armored plating began to rattle as the they stayed their positions. Their swords vibrated in their hands as they peered at the ring of light above Roy's head. Matthias, still at the arena's outer edge, was smiling while looking upon the scene.

    "Lets see what you got, Roy the Valiant," Matthias said to himself as he folded his arms.

    Roy stopped spinning the scythe and held it tight in his right hand. He then rushed forward to the closest soldier. The soldier went on guard by raising his blade.

    "Block this!" Roy yelled.

    He then flipped into the air towards the soldier. When the soldier tried to look up the sun's gaze stunned his eyes momentarily. He retreated them immediately but as soon as he attempted to look up again it was too late. Roy slashed through his chest plate with the tip of his scythe.

    "****," the soldier cursed under his breath.

    The next soldier closest to Roy hesitated as he saw his comrade stumble backwards from the strike. Before he could fully realize what had just transpired Roy's leg shot towards his face. Roy then speedily struck the man he cut before with the palm of his left hand.

    "Three more," Roy whispered to himself.

    Footsteps rushed from behind. Roy reflexively swung the butt of his scythe behind him. The scythe rattled with intense force and a clang rang through the air.

    "Nice try," Roy boasted as he turned his head to see the target behind him; however, as soon as he did his eyes immediately widened.

    There he saw the end of his weapon blocked by the energy blade of his foe.

    "Tch," Roy said as he gritted his teeth.

    Roy then hears a cry of killer intent to his left. His eyes peered over just to find a long blue light about to strike him down. With just short notice, he darted away from the threat.
    But then another danger made itself known with a yell from the sky. Roy instinctively raised his scythe upwards and the soldier swung his blade downwards, feeding off the momentum of his jump.

    The blue light of the foe's sword and green of Roy's scythe glimmered. Roy's body and weapon trembled violently from the impact as the two Concordians stared into each others eyes.

    (end song)

    + YouTube Video
    ERROR: If you can see this, then YouTube is down or you don't have Flash installed.

    "Not yet," Roy thought.

    As the pressure between the two weapons started to give way, Roy grunted and summoned what strength he could find and parried his foe into the air. Before the soldier got too far, Roy swung his scythe with his right hand and hooked the soldier's sword with his scythe's blade. He then heaved him back and shot his left fist towards the target's face. The blow boomed loudly throughout the arena and the soldier rocketed towards the round stone wall, leaving a stream of dust in his path.

    The two remaining soldiers left no time for Roy to rest as they started to run around him, blades held up high. Roy's muscle tightened and tensed with anticipation. He raised his scythe and leaped towards the soldier on his right. He slammed his weapon down but his foe was too quick, dodging his effort by sliding to Roy's right. The soldier then attempted to thrust his sword forward but it was of no success. As his arms were extending for the strike Roy had taken hold of his hands. The soldier soon found himself flying at comet speeds in the air and landing face first on the ground several feet away.

    The clattering of armor rushing from behind shot up both of Roy's ears. He swiftly swung his scythe in a horizontal circular motion and in an instant the other enemy soldier collapsed on to the ground as his armor chest plating gave way into the piercing green light of Roy's weapon. Roy then turned and breathed in deeply. He let out a sigh and lowered his scythe. Then a yell came from behind Roy.

    "That seat is mine!"

    As Roy turned around the soldier who just had fallen sprung forward and lunged his sword towards Roy; however, in less than a moment's hesitation the wounded warrior found his arm red in pain, smoldering as if it were on fire.

    "Like that'll happen."

    "That voice," Roy shifted his eyes toward the far side of the arena to find Matthias's left arm extended and his palm smoking as if it were just aflame.

    (END SONG)

    The soldier who just got hit dropped his weapon and scurried away. his sword let out steam as it began to fade away. Sophia leaned forward in her seat and her eyes widened.

    "What was that? What just hit him?" she asked her father.

    "Hmm, that man seems to be part of that clan," Eutychus replied as he put his hand on Sophia's shoulder. "This should be-"

    "Interesting," Celsus continued as he approached Sophia and Eutychus.

    "So what do you think my old friend?" Eutychus asked Celsus.

    Celsus grinned and turned his head to the arena floor.


    + YouTube Video
    ERROR: If you can see this, then YouTube is down or you don't have Flash installed.

    "Hey now," Roy said as he pointed his finger towards Matthias, "weren't you the one who had hatched this idea? Come and face me. Or are you simply too scared after all that? Also, what the hell was that move you just used? Some parlor trick?"

    Matthias grinned. He lowered his arm and paced slowly towards Roy.

    "Me? Scared of someone like you?" Matthias's grin shrunk. He then opened up his right hand, "Allow me to tell you this before it is too late for you to realize. Besides style and clan, there is even a bigger difference between us."

    Roy's right eyebrow bent upwards.

    "What the hell are you blabbering about?"

    Matthias halted his advance and closed his eyes. A faint but beautiful blue colored aura began to encircle his body. The cloud which partially blocked out the sun before now surrounded its gaze entirely.

    "The main difference between two individuals locked in combat is... and will always be," Matthias then opened his eyes and stared into Roy's, "level."

    Roy's eyes then widened and a small chill crawled up his spine.

    "What the hell? His eyes! His eyes just changed color!" Roy exclaimed as he saw Matthias clear brown eyes glow a light blue hue.

    "I can of course take you down without summoning so much of my power," Matthias calmly said as he stared down Roy, "but an arrogant brute such as yourself needs to be taught this now."

    Roy raised his scythe and bent his knees slightly. His eyes focused on the enemy in front of him and his muscles tightened. Matthias darted forward and Roy's right arm rose as he prepared to swing down his scythe. But then his eyes widened once again as the target which was just dashing in front of him unhesitatingly vanished. A blue light then flared inches away from Roy's neck and his body froze. His eyes slowly shifted towards the shine on his left.

    "What the hell....?" Roy cursed under his breath as he saw Matthias pointing the tip of his blade at Roy's neck. It's blue light shun as the sun broke through the clouds. As the sun's cloak vanished, Matthias edged his word closer to Roy. Sweat trickled Roy's neck as his mind went blank and body froze.

    "The difference between our levels is so apparent that it even makes the distance between the moon and our land seem minuscule."

    [Chapter 3 to be posted later this week]
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