I just wanna throw this out there though I'm not keeping my fingers crossed or anything.

It would be great if BBcode like this:
[ALT="Anime Forum"]The best forum ever[/ALT]
Which would be rendered into this:
HTML Code:
<span title="Anime Forum" class="popup">The best forum ever</span>
Basically it would let us put alt text over the word within the tags. I think it'd be great because it's not as "in your face" as spoilers. The only foreseeable problem to me is the moderating of alt text, but that can be fixed by styling the "popup" class, I guess.

Other than that, I just think it'd be cool.

Another idea I have is to render [TABLE], [TR], and [TD] BBcode into their HTML counterparts. I don't see the harm and it'd let us do neat things in our signatures.

Thanks for considering my suggestions.