Have anyone here watch the anime serie Hetalia? It's one of the best series that I know! Its a ongoing anime/manga and the story is about that world history and the main characters in different countries. Each country is a person and person is like the "stereotype" of that country. Like America (Alfred) eats hamburgers alot and always refering to himself as "the hero!", England (Arthur) drinks alot of tea and north Italy (one of the biggest characters) really loves pasta. Even if each episode is only 5min long you really get hooked on it. Its great! It so funny and I end up laughing every episode. I really recomend that you will watch, if you still havn't.

Search on "hetalia" on internet.

: Axis Powers is the first season (I belive) and its about lots of the countries and their "characters" previous history and about the 2nd world war.

The new season is Hetalia: world series and is, as the name says, more about the other countries in the world.

Again, watch it. You will love it!

Love and hugs :// SuXrys

(Hope you will understand my english and I hope that this thread went to the right forum).