Been a while, hasn't it? Seeing how dead poetry has been lately, I'm going to try to revive it! This poem isn't about anyone in particular, but the man it speaks of just won't get out of my head so I had to write a poem for him. Not entirely sure who he is, but here ya' go. A message from the unknown man in my head. ^^;; It's a bit long so I apologize for that. Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy. *Tsuki*

That Man

He said yesterday was already gone; tomorrow is too late.
Told me to live the moment now, and cherish those I love.
Because tomorrow is the unknown- tomorrow we could fall.
Yesterday is merely a bunch of memories that will soon be forgotten.
Now is when I can change something, even our fates for tomorrow.

He looks out upon the frozen lake, with eyes as old as the wise man's.
His body says that he is still young, but his words show he's far too old.
Yet, I can't help but look to him in wonder- the man who smokes a pack-a-day.
With a scruffy face and messy brown hair,
with big, worn-out hands to match.

I feel like such a child when I stand next to this man with his rough, untamed words.
He speaks the blunt, cold, hard truth with nothing to hold back.
That is what I love of this man next to me.

In a land of poverty and despair where liars run wild and geniuses cower,
he stands tall and faces it all

Yet his smile bares no malice- simply a fun-loving guy.
He doesn't take life so seriously, yet says the most peculiar things
right when you least expect it.
So deep are his words, yet uttered so cleanly, they cut through you like a steak knife through butter.
When he speaks, your attention turns, to the man with the booming voice.

Yes, I am proud to call that man my father.