What are some things that you've done in school that got you into trouble? Maybe someone got you in trouble? We all have had things like this happen to us, unless you're one of those "goody two shoes" kind of people lol.

I seemed like a good kid to most of the staff back in my grade school days lol. But what they didn't know was that I was far from a saint. I used to get in trouble with my first Carpentry teacher, *Daffy Duck voice* Mr. Caz =P We'd play pranks on him (not going to mention them, some might be graphic lol) and I got in trouble a few times, and got sent to SPO (Student Personnel Office). Also, I was quite the class clown back in freshman year, especially in Mr. F's english class. I got sent out for saying something bad. And the worst punishment I ever got in school was back in elementary school. I got suspended for drawing a picture of this kid in our class and called him "Fat Patrick!" I regret it now lol.