I'm sitting in Social Studies class right now. I wanted to write a poem so...here it is. I'm sorry for the lack of inspiration lol. I hope everyone likes it. ^^


The boredom that sets in my mind
Spreads throughout my entire being
So here I sit and write
This poem that will not go far

In class is where I sit
Writing this monstrosity I call a poem
But alas I lack the inspiration
To make this poem go far

My thoughts wander
As I daydream
About the inspiration I could get
But still, nothing comes to me

Thinking is a lost cause
Because this poem is forced
I need to surpass a previous work
But that wont happen with this poem

I guess it's time for it to end
The reason being is
Because I don't want to put the reader asleep
Any more than I already have

So thanks for reading
This monsterously boring poem
While I search the confines of my mind
To get the inspiration needed for my next one