Some Nights... Some Days...

Some nights I sit in my room wishing,
Daydreaming that you'll throw that pebble,
Knock on my window and ask 'come an play with me?'
Some days I write in my journal listing,
Contemplating, should I have been your rebel?
Noting how much I should have fought for another day.

No use wishing anymore
You've found your own way,
Your own steps through this world.
I can't stop writing what is so poor,
Just got to shove you out as I lay,
Let a single tear fall-it swirled

Some nights I fall asleep with a running tear,
Your face running through my head as I sleep,
Twisting and turning as I want to hold you tight.
Some days I wait on the swing with fear,
Begging you to come back, holding back a weep,
No way of having to tell you that everything's alright.

No tissue can remove the stain that remains,
Can't seem to darken those pictures that danker my way,
Knowing my arms only hold brisk air that blows and turns.
Not hands that shoved me but the winds passing lanes,
On my hands and feet awaiting another day,
The light disappearing as away it burns.

Some nights I lay awake with nothing to say,
My pencil scribbling along on its own,
Patiently waiting for the darkness to find me.
Some days I hide from the light, hide far away,
Emotions stirring, waiting to be blown,
Heart rate slowing down as my dreams I can finally flee.