LG took the nuclear option earlier this month in its ongoing patent litigation with Sony, petitioning the US International Trade Commission to block PlayStation 3 and Bravia TV imports to the United States. While the result of that petition remains to be determined, LG has claimed victory in a similar complaint put before the US ITC's European counterpart.

The Guardian reports today that LG has won a preliminary injunction in its ongoing patent dispute with Sony, and customs officials have been ordered to seize all PS3 imports into the UK and continental Europe. The ruling, which was reached by a civil court in the Hague, dictates that all PS3 imports must be confiscated as they are imported for a period of at least 10 days.

According to the article, it means that they banned importing the console and not the accessories/software themselves, so that's okay with me. I don't know why an American would import an European PS3 unless he/she wants to watch European Blurays? O_o;; (PS3 is Region 1 so it's only Region-free for games).

But not only PS3s, but they also banned Bravia TV imports as well.