What are those called? Wamericans? Are you one of those? Does being wamerican apply to actual american people too?
Signs I might be a wannabe american:
  • Whenever I can't think of any good whiskey brand to order, I just say "Jack Daniels, barkeep!". Marlboro when it comes to cigarettes.
  • I prefer speaking with a southern accent rather than proper english.
  • I hate how brittish people talk and often find it hard to understand what they say.
  • I like buying bigass things to compensate for my smallnesses and defects.
  • If a supposed man from another culture respectfully bows their head and says someting like... "Dong arigato", I like being a bumkin and say "'Sup, George?"
  • I really don't like America, so when those pesky terrorists are at it again, I go "Jaaa! Die Amerikans, Die!"