So the story is somewhat awkward

I had run into em at the E3 show as he was running from place to place doing god knows what in a hurry, I stopped him and spoke to em for a brief minute. I had been looking for this guy and wanting to even see em or hear his actual voice since I was like 13. I felt complete but in a way empty since I had left all my camera equipment in the car far far far away and had not even a cell phone to record my short talk with em nor keep a momento other than the Dance Dance Revolution game i had in my bag for him to sign.

A year passes and the iPad is released. He admited he was an Apple freak and loves Macs and adores Apple, there he was in line!!! AGAIN I RUN INTO EM ACCROSS THE STREET FROM KONAMI USA OFFICE which happens to be right accross the street from the Apple Store, spoke with em for a lil while and he signed my iPhone!! I will put up a pic of my iPhone whebn I get a chance!