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    Default Guel

    Intro/Chapter 1

    There are things in this world. Things we can’t see, things we can’t hear, things that no human being would ever think about. Well, sometimes, the worst of things can happen because of those things and, sometimes, we cannot be protected by them.
    If you plan on reading this, don’t. Don’t read this because, if you do, something like this could happen to you. This is warning. Turn back on this now, or it’s too late.

    My name, Yumi Minogawa, a student at Yi High School in Kyoto, Japan. My parent, have none. My life has been a living Hell the day I was born, and it will probably never change. I only a few friends, Deiske and the many people in my gang. Maybe someday I could get married someday? Never mind… Anyways, life is complicated for me on one way and one way only. I’m a Vampire.
    Yes, the “drink your blood” type. Is there any other? The only good thing about that is where I go to school; everybody is some weird creature like a Werewolf, Zombie, or other extraordinary things out of that nature. I’m one of the most civilized species on Earth. In fact, we’re so civilized that one of my ancestors was King Arthur. Yes people, King Arthur was a vampire. But, a bad thing about being a blood sucking monster is that humans can’t know that we exist. It’s actually pretty easy. We can only come out at night.
    If you say the only reason why we can’t come out at day is because the sub burns us to a crisp, you, my friend, are wrong. It is because of the sun, but the sun doesn’t burn us, it drains us. If you need an explanation you got one. Okay, if we go out into the sun, all of our power, or energy, gets drained. So that thing you people hear about the whole “the sun burns the blood suckers” isn’t true.
    In fact, most things you hear about Vampires aren’t true. Especially the one about garlic. That’s like my favorite part of spaghetti dinner! We do drink blood yes, but not human blood. Most of us drink from animals, except for me. I wouldn’t even yell at a dog or cat, I’m an animal lover.
    Another thing you should know, WE CAN DIE ANYWAY POSSIBLE! Wooden stakes can kill anyone people! All that stuff about silver bullets with Werewolves, yeah, not true! Sometimes I think humans are brainless…
    Anyways, let’s get back to the story shall we?

    “Go find her. We need her! You stupid, stupid mutts!” a female voice yelled at some creatures, which were making a horrible snarling noise, sort of like a lawn mower crossed with a grizzly bear, but worse.
    “Yes, my lord! Right away!” one of the many creatures said as they ran off.
    “Damn creatures can’t do anything right anymore…” she said. “Next time I’ll banish you all…or maybe give you to my stupid ex-husband…” she mumbled.

    The moon was gleaming and wolves were hollering as students at Yi High School were just starting to gather their stuff and get to class. You could hear the snarling of Werewolves, the magic of Fairies, the moaning and groaning of Zombies, and other noises too. The scent was a mix of decay, wet dog, and dust (if you know what I mean.) Students were rushing to class as the bell rang, except for two groups of students that were just sitting there, chatting and saying things like:
    “Look at those losers…” and “We could kick their butts!”
    Then, one of the students walked up to the other group and kicked one of the members.
    “Go back to hell!” she yelled at them. Then she mumbled, ”Stupid Goths…” as she walked away from them and back to her own group. But, one of the many Goths pushed the girl down.
    “You wanna say that to my face brat?!” she threatened. The other students chuckled and snickered.
    “Maybe, maybe not.” The girl was blonde, and her orange eyes rolled. “Why do you care anyway? Thought you people had no feelings or emotions.” She smirked. The other girl glared as she tucked some of her silver hair behind her ear.
    “Shut up brat… You don’t know anything about us. Our stories. Our lives. You know nothing…” she told the blonde girl.
    “Yeah I do.” she claimed. “You’re all just a bunch of rich snobs who don’t have any lives so you pester and bully people for fun!” Some of the silver-haired girl’s friends had to hold her back.
    “Let me at her!!!” She yelled. Her face was red with anger. The blonde girl just laughed.
    “Yeah, let her go. I’ll beat her to a pulp!” Then a teacher came.
    “All of you get to class! Except for you two…” He glared at the blonde and silver-haired girls. “You two are coming with me.” He grabbed their arms and started dragging them down the hall, towards the principal’s office. The girl with blonde hair tried to struggle against him, but he was too strong. He was an Ogre. The girl with silver hair just walked with him as if she were used to this.
    “Why do I have to come with you?! It’s not like I did anything wrong!” Then she mumbled, “Stupid teachers…” The teacher just chuckled and kept walking.
    The other girl spoke. “You’re always get in trouble. So stop winning.” She was annoyed.
    They finally approached the office. As they walked in, a secretary greeted them. She had snakes for hair and her skin was kind of slimy. The blonde girl shivered.
    “Good morning girls.” She said. She knew that they were always getting sent down here.
    “Good morning. You’re looking rather beautiful today, Ms. Midu.” Said the teacher who brought the two girls down. He was always tried sucking up to the people in the office, and only because he wanted to retire, and they wouldn’t let him. “Is Mr. Kada present?” He asked.
    “Yes, he’s right in his office.” Ms. Midu said as she continued to work on paper work.
    The teacher nodded and gave his thanks as he dragged the two girls to the principles’ office. As they got closer to the door, yelling could be heard.
    “What do you mean an accident?!” A male voice yelled. “I don’t think there is a way to accidentally give people wedgies! That child had to be taken to a hospital to have his underpants SURGICALLY REMOVED!!”
    “You guys chose the wrong time to be picking fights. He’s already in a bad mood.” Said the teacher who was identified as Mr. Kutski. As the three listened to the principle yelling at that kid, the yelling suddenly stopped.
    “You are dismissed. I have other visitors.” He said in a strangely calm voice. Then a kid walked out of his office. He kind of snickered as he walked past the two girls. He even winked at the one with silver hair. She glared at him.
    “Smooth Tai, really smooth…” she snapped. The teacher growled at her and pushed the girls into the office. A man with horns coming out of his gray hair and red eyes that could scare anyone glared at the girls. He was a demon, and probably one of the meanest, nastiest ones.
    “Ms. Zane, Ms. Minogawa. What have you done this time?” his voice was cold. “Let me guess, you got into yet another fight?” his voice was starting to rise.
    He sighed. “I expect this from Yumi but you Nicko? You are the hero of the football team, the star of the basketball team, the home-runner of the baseball team. Why do you, of all people, have to get into fights with this…juvenile delinquent?”
    The silver haired girl tried to ignore that comment.
    “Well…she started it!” Nicko said. “Everyday she starts something!!”
    The principle sighed. “This is hopeless…” he said. “Girls, I hate to do this, but…I have to give you ISS.”
    They both were outraged.
    Yumi twitched and left the room. Nicko was yelling about how she didn’t deserve In School Suspension. Mr. Kutski went after Yumi and the principle was just yelling back at Nicko. Everything was hectic.
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