Look around, think of what you see,
Crime –murder, rape and immorality,
Is it right to kill the killers?
Is it right to rape the rapists?
An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth,
But who believes in the Book these days?
We all want to be a God, to start
a new brilliant world,
But we just don’t know how,

I hold the power to eliminate
the crime and I promise I will use
it to improve all the world.

Look around, the criminals are fading,
People are starting to live unafraid,
This proves how I am God,
Despite the people who cry out against me,
An eye for an eye, a life for a crime,
The world will forever thank me,
We all want to fix this up,
but I am the only one capable,
This is just hitting the attackers back.

I will punish the disgusting,
And the weak will cry out in joy,
at the change in the world.

Look around, the world is slow,
It’s getting empty as the fear grows,
I am the only tarnished soul,
That will walk in this world,
An eye for an eye, this is my sacrifice,
A God always takes a giant leap,
I am now truly a God
And the world…

will either kneel at my feet,
Or keel right over.