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Thread: Final Fantasy XV, Book 1: Twisted Fates (PG-15)

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    Default Final Fantasy XV, Book 1: Twisted Fates (PG-15)

    Final Fantasy XV, Book 1: Twisted Fates.

    The world, it isn’t as you would’ve thought it was. Even though the earth is just like our earth. Humans, being technology a lot more advanced build the whole world full of houses, fabrics and other buildings, all people didn’t cared about nature anymore. Nature, usually being peaceful: couldn’t take it any longer and decided to unleash her wrath in the form of natural disasters: volcanoes erupted, forest fires came out of nowhere, avalanche occurred, lighting struck down people, earthquakes and tornadoes left complete dead behind them.

    And if it wasn’t worse enough, Nature’s last action was a flood. Bigger than anything ever seen before, and overflowed everything. Leaving only a mere five thousand people all together alive

    The crystals: bearers of power and protectors of every life, saw the world being engulfed with death, and took action.

    The crystal of earth made new land, being floating continents above the newly created ocean.

    The crystal of water made water, rivers, lakes, seas and rain so the floating continents could grow plants and life again.

    The crystal of wind made sure the continents would stay floating for eternity.

    The crystal of fire made several portals on the few islands that remained, enabling every life able to move, to be teleported to the new floating continents.

    The people who managed to survive, knowing that it wouldn’t be wise to let this happen again… A small group of humans, were given the power to make sure that no person, no city, no village, truly nothing, would make nature ever angry again. But this group abused their power, to slowly gain more power over several continents that were involved: even going so far to actually kill the people who started resisting their growing power.
    The Aristocrats, as they were called right now, began with their taking-over of Tutu: the highest and coldest continent. More and more continents would follow later…

    Whilst the Aristocrats began taking over continents, on the other side of the floating world, neo-pirate crews were founded there and caused havoc on the continents around there, with their airships: special ships that fly due to using the strong wind currents that exist between the continents and islands.


    One hundred-twenty years after the creating of the Antilopogy, as all continents together are called right now. The Aristocrats overthrew and ruled over eleven of the thirteen continents that exist. Though most cities, villages, islands and even whole continents rebelled against their new rulers, they were smashed down by the Aristocrats mighty air navy. Neo-pirates, still causing trouble everywhere, where the only people who could escape the wrath of the Aristocrat air navy, thanks to their faster airships. But due to their untrustworthy reputation, most people who fought against the Aristocrats didn’t ask for back up from them, but most Neo-pirates didn’t even wanted anyway.

    But, though most Neo-pirates don’t oppose the Aristocrats and the Air navy directly, they do fight against them indirectly, by stealing goods, plundering villages and sometimes even burn cities to the ground.
    There is one exception however: The Redbands. These Neo-pirates aren’t your usual ones, as these directly oppose the Air Navy and have raided several Aristocrat castles and palaces. The Redbands are also known for being the strongest opponents that the Air Navy faces, being even more dangerous than Thule…

    Vale is a young man, the adopted son of the head-Aristocrat: Johnsen Guluk, owner of the Companion. Grew up in a hard and militaristic way, even though he almost never sees his father, he wants to make him proud of him. Vale got the special sword, Companion from his best friend, Gonder, when he founded the Falcon Company, a company who only focuses on capturing red bands.

    However he begins to question himself why he fights aimlessly for a person that he almost never sees, against opponents who aren’t so bad after all, and a world he dislikes…

    This is a story about friendship, power and conflict…


    Q&A (Will be updated whenever a question is asked by one of you guys)

    People to PM for next chapter:

    Please note, I do not the FF series.
    I do own this Fanfic however.
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    Final Fantasy XV, Twisted Fates.
    Chapter 1: The raid.

    What a great party, dancing, women, wine and a weeklong no attacks from his only enemy: the Pirate gang: the Red bands. Life was great for the head aristocrat Johnsen Guluk. He picked up a glass of old and expensive wine from a plate that a servant held up to him with his head looking to the floor. Johnsen made a sign that the servant could go, which he did. He let out a sigh of relieve as he looked around, about to nip some of his expensive wine, it wasn’t that it was too expensive to drink without any lust, but more that he felt that something was missing. Maybe it was because of the fact that his only son: Vale Guluk, who was the leader and founder of the Falcon Company was on a hunt for the Red bands. No that couldn’t be it, he never felt close to his son, maybe because Vales mother was somebody who didn’t obey him. He wasn’t sure, it wouldn’t matter anyway.

    “Hello Mr. Guluk. Good to see you.” A man with a pink tie with white polka dots around his neck said, as he raised his wine glass. Johnsen just nodded to him, the man with the odd tie raised his shoulders, and then turned his head back to a dancing woman next to him.


    Suddenly somebody fell out of the window, landing on her feet, a shining knife in her hand.

    “It’s them!” A woman voice shouted,

    “T-the… Red bands!” A male voice added then started screaming.

    Suddenly more and more people jumped or flew true the window and landed in the dancehall. Johnsen looked around; he saw faces that he remembered well from bounty posters that hung all around the globe.

    Emerald the Thief, a charming yet incredible young woman, her brown hair tied into a thick ponytail whilst wearing a red headband around her head proving that she is one of the red bands. Her clothes were a simple pair of black pants, a dark-blue belly shirt and a short jacket over it and a red flame-like symbol on the chest and strangely nothing on her feet. A yellow-gold tail came stood out of her back, indicating that she’s a Hayu: human-like creatures that have tails. It is said she’s one of the Red band commanders, but so far nobody knows for sure.

    Johnsen turned his head, and noticed another dangerous being right next to Emerald the Thief.

    Yuri the Swift. Even though he looks like a child, he certainly isn’t. He’s one of the Lily clan, so it is said: a clan of people who are of the size of normal human children, but Lily’s make up their height by having incredible stamina and strength. He wore a blue monk suit, together with a pair of blue pants. His hands have thin bandages wrapped around them; his feet have bandages around them as well. Johnsen does know that Yuri is in fact one of the Commanders of the Red bands. He had a red band tied around his waist, proving that he is in fact. One of the red bands as well.

    Suddenly the door was slammed open, and a man with spiky blond hair came inside. He had a massive sword in his right hand. His right arm rested on his right shoulder whilst holding the massive sword behind his back. He had a slight bored look on his face. His clothes were a plain black sleeveless shirt with over it a dark-blue jacket. His pants were also black and reached to his ankles; had thick black boots on his feet. He had a red band tied around his head just like Emerald the Thief.

    Johnsen blood started boiling, if one person would be famous other than him. It would be him, Wind Nijak. He stood up, and tried to keep up his normal looking face. “Welcome, wh-“He said before being cut off by a knife flung through the dance hall and hit the pillar right next to him. Johnsen turned his head to the knife his face turning red, whilst the whole crowd turned silent after loud screaming.

    “You have no right to speak, got that?” Emerald the Thief said, as she had another knife in his hands. The bravery she had to just throw a knife to him: the head aristocrat! If she’s ever caught, she’ll be tortured forever, and will die slow and painful…. Johnsen thought, but he was powerless. He knew the aim of that woman, it would be best to remain silent: even though he couldn’t agree with it.

    “Try to hit him next time.” Wind Nijak said coldly as he looked to Emerald the Thief.

    “Fine, spoil the moment” Emerald the thief replied as she rolled her eyes but then smiled slightly. “Captain...” She added with respect.

    “This is unreas-“ Johnsen said, before a wind started blowing and slammed him against the pillar: just next to the knife.

    “You heard the princess didn’t you?” Yuri the Swift said, as he pointed his fist to Johnsen. His powers of controlling, remodeling, shooting and using air and wind were extraordinary.

    “Hey, could you stop that you child!” Emerald the Thief said as she glared at Yuri the Swift.

    “How dare yo-“Yuri the Swift replied angrily as he glared back.

    “Could you both stop now?” Wind Nijak said, as both Emerald the Thief and Yuri the Swift nodded. “Thanks...” He said as he raised his massive sword with one hand and then pointed it toward Johnsen. “Guess what? We’re here for some good stuff.” He stated as he then raised his left hand, “Go for it.” He said, as suddenly all his men and women of his crew charged forward.

    “Woa!” Johnsen shouted as he stood up, and dodged a flung hammer. He started running away: the whole crowd following his example. Some of the run-a-ways were flung away by a mighty air blast from Yuri the Thief. Whilst on his other side men and women were shot down by swift and deadly aims by arrows shot from another red band.

    Johnsen felt tired, “I should’ve exercised some more”. He thought, but it wasn’t the time to think about that right now, he wished he just could run harder away. Soldiers from side rooms charged out of there and started fighting the red bands, more acting as a fast supply of meat shields then actually being a threat to the red bands. Johnsen somehow managed to get outside and ran towards his airship, the Supplier. That started flying away as soon as Johnsen was aboard. Johnsen walked towards to railing and watched as more people were killed down there.

    A well, he was safe and that is what counts…


    “Good job.” Wind said as he looked towards his crew. “Now, how about we get to raiding? Emerald, Yuri I want to speak with you two whilst the others bring the supplies aboard.” He stated, as everyone started walking in every direction whilst Emerald and Yuri walked over to Wind.

    Wind sat down on a table: his sword lying next to him. “Johnsen got away, but it doesn’t matter that much. He isn’t that much of a threat.” He stated,

    “You know, I just heard from Ihon that the Falcon Company will head this way soon. Even though they won’t be much of a problem, they would likely act as a meat shield to let troops, and maybe even Air-fleet admirals head this way. So we better get moving.” She stated, whilst nodding to a person in black armor who made a sign with her hands towards a supply of wine next to her.

    “What you scared of that happening tcch?” Yuri said half mocking whilst crossing his arms.

    “I ain’t but me with my 18 years of experience feel that we better be fast with this. It wouldn’t be good to lose people, especially with most being fairly important and powerful for the crew.” She said as she placed a finger on Yuri’s forehead.

    “Em’s right.” Wind said with a thoughtful nod. “I don’t really feel like losing some of the crew, even if it’s few. They’re people who fight for the good and have dreams as well, even family.” He added as he picked up his sword: the Slayer, maybe one of the mightiest swords of all time. “We’re going to head back for the Flying Phoenix. Make sure that everyone is there in 10 minutes.” He said as he walked back to the Flying Phoenix, even though he was maybe the most powerful foe you could ever face, he wasn’t thinking highly of himself. He didn’t have an ego like every aristocrat. He had a heart of gold and was respected among every crewmember and ally.

    “Okay everyone.” Yuri said, his voice echoing thru the whole dancehall. “Pack up and bring the goods inside the Flying Phoenix. We’re leaving in 10 minutes!” He said, as everyone followed the orders, whilst Emerald took her dagger out of the pillar where she threw it in.


    “I tell you sir. There is no sign of the Red Bands!” A man in a red military suit with a sword on his back said, “They disappeared Vale.”

    “I will find them, to make my father proud of me, and no single red band will stand in my way Gonderl!” A man named Vale said, his clothes weren’t similar to Michael in anyway. He wore a pair of black pants, his right pipe going to his ankle whilst the left pipe just went to his knee being ripped off. His yellow shirt with black sleeves that go to his elbows; on the left chest of this shirt is a flame-like symbol. His shoes were normal black shoes. On his back he had a sword with a light-blue colored blade: The Companion.

    “I wouldn’t be sure that they disappeared!” A voice said as the man with that voice stormed inside, “A letter Mr. Guluk.” He said as he handed over a letter.

    “Thanks.” Vale said, as he got the letter in his hands and opened it. He started reading in silence, and then stormed outside. “We have to go, now!” He shouted to Gonder.

    “What? Whoa!” Gonder said as he went after Vale.

    “Everyone, grab your weapons. Castle Ju is under attack by the Red bands! We’ll get there and then eliminate them!” Vale shouted with a slight feeling of happiness inside himself. I’ll make my father proud of me! He thought, as he, followed by his men, marched outside the camp and headed for the Castle which was close by.

    “We’ll head inside, and surprise attack them. I don’t care with how many they are, for the Aristocrats!” He said as he and his men charged inside, to find a dancehall filled with dead bodies, no living soul in there at all. Vale’s men inspected all bodies, whilst Vale and Gonder walked over to the entrance.
    “Look over there Vale!” Gonder said, as he pointed to a big air-ship flying away only a few kilometers away.

    “Dammed.” Vale said as he fell on his knees and slammed his fist on the ground. “So close…” He muttered as he looked to the airship that flew away.

    “Sir.” A FC soldier said, as he saluted. “We have good news, and bad news.”

    “Tell me the good news first,” Vale muttered as he stood up.

    “Well, the good news is that Johnsen Guluk: the Head Aristocrat, and your father, isn’t between the bodies. So that means he is alive.” The soldier said as he caught a breath.

    “What’s the bad news?” Vale asked, preparing for the worst.

    “The bad news is that nobody is from the red bands, which means there are no losses for them.” The soldier said, as he saluted again and walked away.

    “How do they do that…” Gonder muttered,

    “Doesn’t matter at all.” Vale said, as he turned back to Gonder. “Order the soldiers to saddle two Chocobos. You and I will chase them over land whilst the soldiers stay here.”

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    Final Fantasy XV, Twisted Fates.
    Chapter 2: Chasing a not so enemy-like enemy.

    Vale and Gonder were riding on their Chocobos on the plains of Sauskra, it was a long and empty road. Vale felt bored, Gonder still had his eyes on the airship that flew several kilometers away. Vale turned around, his back on the saddle of the Chocobo. He looked to the air above him, and placed his hand on a necklace around his neck: it had a small iron flame on it, even though it was iron the flame figure was red and orange. Vale took it in his hand, and just looked at it. “The flame of life…” Vale muttered,

    “You said something?” Gonder asked, as he looked to Vale.

    “No, it’s nothing...” Vale replied, as he sat back on the saddle.

    “Look, seems like the airship is slowing down, looks like they’re going to land soon.” Gonder said,

    “Good,” Vale just said, his eyes not looking to the airship but to the port town where that airship would likely land. “So what’s the plan?”

    “I don’t know,” Gonder replied, “I’ll think something up when we arrive there. But its better we arrive there before them, that’s for sure…”

    “Yea, you said it.” Vale said, his thoughts dwelling off again.


    In less than 10 minutes, Gonder and Vale were in front the only rebel city of the Ur continent: Ruha. Even though its reputation, there were guards at the entrance. The guards cross their spears in front of the entrance to block their way. “Pass?” The left guard asked, as Vale and Gonder got off their Chocobos, Gonder handed the bridle of his Chocobo to Vale.

    “Here,” Gonder said as he handed over two passes. Whilst Vale looked to the walls surrounding the big city, it didn’t really look like a rebel city at all, that’s for sure.

    “Thank you,” The guard said as he checked the passes, and then removed his spear before the entrance. “You may go true,” he said as he gave back the passes to Gonder.

    “Ok then,” Gonder said, as he got the two passes back, “You’re coming Vale?” He asked, as he turned back to Vale.

    “Uh, yea!” Vale said, as he followed Gonder inside the city, the two bridles of the Chocobos in his hand. It was busy in the city, nothing special though. Every city is busy, but Vale did notice that there weren’t that much soldiers as normally would be, maybe it was true after all about this being a rebel city. Even if it is so, these rebels would either act at night or only cause problems at certain places.

    “Here, wear this cloak. The FC isn’t exactly what you want to be when close by a red band or 2.” Gonder stated, as he threw a cloak to Vale.

    “Isn’t that a bit much?” Vale asked, as he caught the cloak and looked to it.

    “Like I said, it isn’t smart to be in FC suit when you’re near a red band or 2, get thinking Vale!” Gonder said slightly annoyed.

    “But look,” Vale said as he pointed to his clothes. “I don’t wear the red FC suit like you do. Nor are we well known, so it isn’t really needed for me. You on the hand do wear a red FC suit…” He added, as he threw the cloak back to Gonder.

    “Fine, but if we get caught it’s your fault. Got that?” Gonder said as he hid the cloak back in his bag. “Let’s get going” Gonder said as he jumped back on his Chocobo. Vale following his example, as he also jumped on his Chocobo.

    “Let me guess, we’re heading for the dock?” Vale asked,

    “Exactly.” Gonder said as his Chocobo started walking towards the dock, Vale following him.


    “Look, we’ll lead our Chocobos to that stable. Then we’ll head for the docks on foot.” Gonder said, as he stepped off his Chocobo and led his Chocobo into the stable, Vale doing the same.

    “Let’s go,” Vale said as he closed the fence. Then both of them walked over to the docks, several smaller and bigger airships were docked here it was again very busy here. People were taking off supplies and stocking new supplies on their ships, there was a market at the other side of the dock: were also a lot of people were. Vale noticed a small airship with the name: The Flying maiden. Which made him smile, always fun those ship names.

    “I wonder which one it is…” Gonder said, as he looked to every single airship. Vale rolled his eyes in response,

    “Let me see,” He said as he walked past Gonder and then looked to every ship. “That one,” He said, as he pointed to an airship with a metal armor surrounding the wooden ship. It had a blue flag with a red flame in the middle, just like his necklace Vale noticed. “But it seems like we can’t get inside there...” He said with a slight disappointment. He always wanted to see a real pirate airship from the inside.

    “Why not, I don’t see any problems!” Gonder said, as he walked closer to the airship.

    “You blind idiot?” Vale said as he grabbed his shoulder. “Look closer!” He said as he pointed to some hair that just stood out above the railing.

    “So? Maybe it’s just a child, or a trick.” Gonder said half-mocking, “You scared or what?”

    “I am not.” Vale said, “But I think it’s a Lily. You ever heard of those? They have the strength of 3 men, which is kind of much agreed?” Vale stated, “We’re better off checking the surroundings, recognizing some red bands, maybe even having some fun!” Vale added with a smile.

    “Fine…” Gonder said, clearly disappointed.

    “Hey cheer up, how about we split up? I’ll look around, whilst you try to get us a room and then have a drink. There are a lot of taverns over there, how about that?” Vale said,

    “Mmmm, ok. If it’s only because you’re the boss,” Gonder said as he walked towards a nearby tavern, but then turned around back to him again. “And one more thing, please don’t get in trouble.” He said,

    “Sure.” Vale said, but saw that Gonder was already gone inside the crowd. “Alright,” Vale said as he smiled. “Let’s go Ace, time to go exploring!” He said to himself as he over the street, towards something that looked like a crowd.

    “Excuse, pardon, I’m sorry.” Vale said as he slowly got in front of the crowd, and noticed that there was a musician performing for them on a lute. It was beautiful music, and his voice wasn’t bad at all. Vale curious as ever, took a closer look at the performer, he noticed that the performer had a green slightly unzipped sleeveless jacket, showing a yellow shirt. His pants were a pair of brown pants; he had brown boots on his feet. The performers blue hair was shoulder length long. But to his surprise he noticed that the performer had a red band around his waist, acting like a belt for his pants. Nobody would ever wear that if you weren’t a red band, and the fact that it didn’t fit with the other colors at all. Vale, suddenly feeling that it would be better to not speak with that person walked true the crowd again.

    But when he was out of the crowd he fell against a person, this person let something fell out of his hands: three barrels where a liquid came out of and fell on the street, lost forever. “O excuse me, I’m so sorry.” Vale said as he looked up, and noticed a gigantic human-like creature in front of him. Vale guessed this creature was about 2 meter; he wore a pair of black pants and had a bag pack on his back. His upper body wasn’t covered with anything, but he seemingly didn’t have problems with it. He had short brown hair, and strangely he had dark-brown skin: not something you would see normally. Then it hit him, it was an Auster. Who are larger than humans and always have a dark-brown skin; whilst having gigantic strength, equaled to Lily’s.

    “Sad…” The Auster said as he looked with a sad face to the spilled liquid.

    “Me?” Vale asked, not really understanding what he meant.

    “No, Congol.” The Auster said, as he pointed to himself.

    “So you’re Congol?” Vale said with a smile, “The name’s Vale, I’m sorry for that.” He said as he nodded to the spilled liquid,

    “What Congol does? Congol doesn’t have money anymore for water…” Congol said still looking sad to the spilled liquid.

    “How about I repay you, and then help you with bringing the barrels to wherever it is needed?” Vale stated, “That’s the least I can do for you.”

    “Congol sees, thank you.” Congol said in response, as he stocked out his hand. “Congol owes V-Va-Vale!” He said with a slight problem with speaking the name of Vale.

    “You’re alright with the name?” Vale asked, seemingly worrying about the fact that the Auster had difficulty with his name.

    “Yes, Congol just need practice.” Congol said, as he nodded.

    “Alright: how about you point where you bought the water. I pay for it, and then help you bring it back to wherever it is needed.” Vale said, as he looked around.

    “It is here,” Congol said, as he pointed to a shop with the name: ‘Liquid ‘n stuff’. “Congol does better buying water shop than water fountains.” He stated,

    “You’re right, you’ll never know if it’s safe or not” Vale said as he nodded. Then followed Congol towards Liquid ‘n Stuff, Congol hadn’t a problem with going true the crowd due to his height. So Vale just followed him, so he could easily walk true the crowd as well.

    “Hi,” Congol said as he opened the door into the dark shop, Vale almost walked up against Congol again due to it being so dark.

    “Ah, Congol. Something happened?” The shopkeeper asked as he turned to the duo, as he noted Vale. “You brought somebody with you this time.”

    “Yes, Congol and Vale collided. Pats! Barrels broke water on ground. Vale buy new water help Congol.” Congol said,

    “I see, here. Pick your barrels yourself then.” The shopkeeper said, as he pointed to a wall with a lot of barrels piled up on each other.

    “Ok, Thanks you.” Congol said, as he walked to the pile of barrels, whilst Vale turned to the shopkeeper.

    “So I guess I pay for three water barrels.” Vale said, as he placed two-hundred gill on the counter. “Keep the change.” He added,

    “Mmmm, thanks. I guess Congol found a helpful person this time.” The shopkeeper said thoughtfully whilst putting the money in a case.

    “What you mean?” Vale asked, as he leaned against the counter whilst looking to Congol, who had picked out two barrels already.

    “Well you see this happened before, and due to Congol being bad at the human language, normal people who do not like him or do not want to understand him don’t know what he says. But it seems you don’t have a problem with his difficulty.” The shopkeeper stated.

    “I see, you know him well do you?” Vale asked, as he saw that Congol grabbed the last barrel.

    “I do boy, I do. But that’s a story for later.” He stated, as he looked to the necklace of Vale. But Vale was busy looking to Congol who came back to him, and gave him one barrel.

    “Here, you help Congol carry barrel to ship yes?” Congol asked, as he nodded to the shopkeeper.

    “Of course, it was my fault after all.” Vale said, as he picked up the barrel and both walked out of the shop.

    “Mmm strange, that boy had the mark of the flame of life, yet didn’t have a red band…” The shopkeeper muttered, still slightly confused.

    “That is because he doesn’t know the meaning of that symbol.” A person in a black cloak said.

    “You think?” The shopkeeper asked.

    “Yes, but he’ll know it. Eventually…” The cloaked person said as he drank from his glass of beer, the shopkeeper still looking at him whilst cleaning a glass with a towel.


    “So Congol. Where’s that ship?” Vale asked when they were outside, as he looked around.

    “Congol knows, just follow Congol.” Congol said as he started walking: a barrel under each arm. Whilst Vale had already problems with one, his barrel was fairly big.

    He almost couldn’t see in front of him. “Good thing that Congol is so big…” Vale thought, “otherwise I couldn’t see which way I should go…”

    “Congol and Vale arrived at ship.” Congol said, seemingly happy to be out of the crowd. The ship was away from the busy port, being at the most far place possible.

    “Sorry for long walk.” Congol said, as he climbed up the small bridge to the airship: carefully watching his steps. Vale followed him having more difficult due to his barrel in his hands. Vale felt like it took forever to get on the deck of the air-ship. When he finally got aboard, Congol walked down a small pair of stairs. Vale following him, hoping not to let the barrel fall.

    The duo arrived at a small hall, Congol spoke with somebody. But Vale couldn’t see that person, due to Congol standing in front of him.

    “Barrels, three. For when flying.” Congol said to the person.

    “A yes, I see.” A feminine and slight child-like voice said, “This way.” She said, as Vale saw that Congol started walking: seemingly following that woman, or girl. Vale wasn’t sure, since the voice sounded a bit child like. The now-a-trio, walked inside a room. Where Vale could see that at every single wall: Barrels were piled up on each other. Congol stopped and placed both barrels on top of a pile, then picked up the barrel that Vale had in his hands and also placed it on top.

    “I see, now I can see who helped you Congol.” The voice said: Vale couldn’t see the person. But then he looked down and noticed it was a Lily. He sure didn’t expect that a Lily and an Auster would be on the same ship!

    “Hello Ma’am.” Vale said, as he took a closer look at the female Lily. The female had light-brown skin, dark brown hair in two pigtails on her back and a green dress on. On her feet were small yellow shoes. Vale noticed that the Lily had a pair of glasses on her nose and together with her appearance and voice: made her look even more intelligent.

    “Vale, Juli. Juli Vale.” Congol said,

    “Pleased to meet you Vale,” Juli said as she nodded to Vale. Then she pushed her glasses a little more back with her left finger as she turned back to Congol.

    “Congol!” Juli surprisingly said a bit mad. “Where’s your uniform!?” She asked.

    “Sorry, it’s warm…” Congol muttered, as he placed his left hand in his pocket, and then his hand came out again: a red scarf in his hand, which he tied around his neck like a scarf.

    Then it hit Vale: “Red bands!" Vale thought, "but these people are so friendly. Are they really?” He thought further, as he took again a look at Juli, and now noticed that she also had a red band: but then around her right shoulder.

    “Are these really Red bands? It can’t be! They are so friendly!” Vale thought further.

    “Congol thinks Vale tired, Vale should head back if Vale has somewhere to go.” Congol stated “Otherwise Vale stay for night. Possible Juli?” He asked, as he looked down to Juli.

    “Hmmm, I guess that’s possible.” Juli said as she scribbled on some paper.

    “No, no. I got a friend waiting for me, but it was nice asking.” Vale said, “I have a lot to do myself you know.” He said a bit off.

    “You are alright Vale?” Juli asked,

    “Yes, yes. I just feel tired and it’s so warm outside.” Vale answered quickly, trying to make sure he didn't sound odd.

    “Vale right.” Congol stated, “Vale better get going!” He said, “But before leaving. Will Congol see Vale again sometimes?” He asked, “Vale friendly for somebody out Ruha.”

    “I’m not from Ruha. I’m travelling around.” Vale said fast, “I have to get out of here! Fast!” He said in his mind. “And of course we will!” He stated swift, when he suddenly ran outside the room. Past somebody with short black hair and a yellow jacket on. He was at deck, quickly ran off the bridge towards the tavern where he saw his friend Gonder walk inside. Vale was tired, as he saw Gonder. He half-fell on a chair in front of Gonder.

    “You’ve seen a ghost?” Gonder asked.

    “No, it’s nothing…” Vale stated, as he took Gonder’s glass out of his hands and took a drink out of it himself. He didn’t want to tell Gonder about his experience of today.

    “Trouble I guess…” Gonder muttered. “Doesn’t matter, I got us a room with two beds. So we won’t that much trouble. Let us rest tonight and search for Red bands tomorrow.” He stated.

    “Whatever…” Vale muttered as he leaned back, not wanting to hear one more time something about the Red bands.

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    Final Fantasy XV, Twisted Fates.
    Chapter 3: Nights on fire

    Vale lied on his bed, he was tired, but he couldn’t sleep. He looked to Gonder, he seemingly hadn’t had problems with sleeping, and he was even snoring. Vale turned around, and looked outside the window right next to his bed. He sighed, as he looked to the moon which was half full. He noticed some red and orange light just underneath the tavern. “Just rebels…” Vale thought, as suddenly he got a feeling, a feeling of danger. Suddenly, an arrow on fire broke true the window and landed on the wooden floor. Vale jumped up and slammed his foot on the flame to make sure it wouldn’t burn the floor. But as soon as he putted out the flame, another arrow was shot inside: hitting Vale’s bed. “Gonder, wake up! We have to get out of here! Fast!” He quickly shouted, as he pulled Gonder out of bed.

    “What is it?” Gonder muttered, but then noticed the bed that caught on fire. “What the hell!?” He shouted.

    “No time! Come!” Vale shouted to Gonder as he grabbed his sword, then opened the door, he looked back to see that Gonder had just grabbed his own sword: just in time. Since the fire just hit the wooden floor, which set on fire almost immediately. Gonder ran past Vale out of the room, Vale then ran out of the room as well and then ran to the staircase, Gonder following him. Vale quickly made his way down the stairs: luckily the stairs weren’t on fire; otherwise it could’ve been dangerous.

    “O no!” Gonder shouted, as he looked to his left and then to his right. “The fire is everywhere!”

    “Go outside!” Vale shouted back, as he evaded a wooden plank on fire that fell down. “Quickly! Quickly!” He said as he pushed Gonder forward. “No time to lose!”

    “It’s locked!”Gonder shouted, clearly in panic as he pulled and pushed on the door.

    “Don’t panic!” Vale shouted, getting annoyed.

    “Don’t panic he says! Just look around you idiot!” Gonder stated as he looked towards the staircase: where fire came down, the ceiling was about to give up and fall down on them as well.

    “Come, we’ll crush our way out!” Vale stated, as he walked backwards, to then charge forward, so he could slam his shoulder against the door to open it, and then repeated the process.

    “Let me help!” Gonder said, as he started slamming his shoulder as well against the door. Sure enough, as both hit the door together: the door fell down; both Gonder and Vale ran outside to fall on the ground.

    Vale looked around, to notice a small group of cloaked men a bit away from the building. “Hey you!” Vale shouted as he stood up, “Get here!” The group instead ran away, their black cloaks where waving thanks to the wind. “Come on Gonder, stand up! We got to follow them! I don’t trust this, not at all” Vale stated, as he pointed out his hand, Gonder grabbed his hand and then Vale pulled Gonder on his feet. “Let’s go,” Vale stated as he started running to towards he saw the cloaked group ran too, Gonder followed with a sigh.


    “Who are we following anyway?” Gonder asked in an alley as Vale slowed down.

    “I’m pretty sure those were the people who started that fire; one of them had a bow, so I can be quite right.” Vale stated, as he looked around. “This way,” He stated, as he started running again. But this time he stopped almost immediately.

    “What is it?” Gonder asked, as he stood next to Vale.

    “Look there,” Vale muttered, as he pointed towards some shadows: close to a huge building.

    “They can’t be seriously thinking that…” Gonder stated in shock.

    “Ooo, I’m pretty sure we’re right.” Vale stated, as he ran towards the door the shadows just had pick locked the lock from. Inside, Vale saw that the hall the huge. The shadows were gone, but suddenly, Vale noticed that smoke come from several directions.

    “It’s no use! This building is doomed as well!” Gonder said as he stood behind Vale,

    “That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t save the lives of the Aristocrats that live here!” Vale replied, “You try to save the people who live here, I’ll get those!” Vale stated, as he started running forward. Leaving Gonder behind,

    “Guess I got no choice…” Gonder stated as he sighed, then he went on his way as well, the fire wasn’t waiting for them anyway.


    “Get here you scum!” Vale screamed as he ran towards he thought where the rebels went. He went inside a room, and saw three men in cloaks. “There you are.” Vale said, as he raised his sword. “You can’t flee,” He stated,

    “We don’t need to.” One said, as he raised a bow with an arrow, ready to shoot. “You Aristocrat!” He said, seemingly already feeling mad with the word Aristocrat.

    “I may be one, but that doesn’t mean you will get away.” Vale replied, as he readied his sword. “Bring it.” He said, as the person with the bow and arrow shot. Vale dived away, the arrow barely dodged. Vale fell on the ground, he tried to get up. But two of the cloaked men came forwards, each a sword in their hand.

    “You can’t get away.” One stated, as he raised his sword: ready to slash.

    “……” Vale said, as he kneeled down like a marathon runner would. “Climb…” He muttered, as he pointed his sword forwards, then he kicked his foot against the floor to gain speed, and then he charged forwards to the cloaked man with the bow; whilst charging past the two men with swords. He then drilled his sword into the hip of the bowman, who fell down on the floor: screaming in pain as he grabbed his hip to try to stop the blood falling out of his body. “Hazard…” Vale added, as he stood up after his charge attack. Vale looked towards the two swordsmen, who in their turn looked towards their fallen comrade. “Bring it.” Vale repeated, as the two swordsmen charged forward, their swords ready to slash. This time, Vale readied his sword so he could parry the two slashes. The two men slashed towards Vale, but he parried their slashes with the blunt side of his sword. He then turned his sword ninety degrees, and slammed both swords away; then he ran up to one of the men and slammed his sword into his shoulder. The man who got hit screamed in pain and grabbed his shoulder, his sword fell out of his hand; the man then fell down right next to his comrade.

    “Why you….” The last man said, as he readied his sword to stab Vale in the stomach. But Vale was quicker and dodged the sword by diving down; Vale then in his turn slammed his own sword inside the stomach. The man fell down, right on Vale.

    Vale pushed the dead man away, and walked towards the door to leave, but flames were about to enter the room, there was no way out. Vale, getting slightly panicked. Looked fast around, he noticed a window and opened it. He noticed a huge crowd under the house; as well as the fact that he was on the second floor. Vale saw a huge tree, in front of the window; it was out of reach of the flames. Vale sighed, as he walked backwards, whilst putting his sword back on his back. Then turned back facing the glass window, he then ran forwards building up speed then leaped true the window: covering his face with his arms. He felt the wind rushing besides him, and then he removed his arms out of his view, and then landed on a tree with his stomach. He groaned in pain, but he was out of the building: he noticed that almost the whole building was on fire. “Lucky…” Vale thought, as he stared at the building.

    He blinked twice, and then started to climb down the tree. Slow and steady, Vale didn’t really felt like falling down at the moment. As soon as he got low enough, he jumped down: landing on his knees then on his hands. He breathed heavily, as he looked towards the ground.

    “Vale!” Gonder shouted, as he ran towards Vale. “I’ve been looking all over for you!”

    “Yeah, yeah.” Vale said, feeling incredibly tired, he stood up and looked towards the burning building. “Those people are dead…” He stated, as he still glared towards the burning building.

    “So you killed them.” Gonder replied, “I saved that family, they’re safe and sound outside. You want to meet them?” He asked.

    “No, sorry, but I want to go away from this city.” Vale answered coldly, as he turned away from the burning building.

    “Why the sudden change?” Gonder asked, as Vale shook his head. “I see, you’ve killed a few people so what? It’s not like you will be punished for eternity right?”

    “I don’t want to talk about it.” Vale replied angry, “We’re going, end discussion.” He stated, as he started walking away from the burning building towards the docks.

    “Alright, alright.” Gonder said, as he followed Vale towards the docks, not saying another word.


    “You know, you never told me how you got out of that building.” Gonder said, as he took the bridle of his Chocobo. “The entrance was blocked by the fire, so you couldn’t get out that way; half of the building was on fire as well.” He stated, as he waited for a reply.

    “I jumped for it.” Vale replied, “In a nutshell, after I took them out, I noticed that the exit was blocked. So I leaped out of the window into a tree, then a landed on the ground where you found me.” He said, as he took his own Chocobos bridle and took him outside the stable.

    “I’ll tell you one thing, Vale.” Gonder said, as he looked into the eyes of Vale. “You’re one lucky guy!” He added with a smile.

    “Yeah…” Vale whispered, as he started smiling back. “I guess I am, uh?”

    “Now let’s go, I already know where we’re going to anyway.” Gonder stated, as he leaped up and landed on his Chocobos saddle, Vale doing the same. “We’re going to Gisi, a small village where we can take an airship towards the continent of Guki.” He said, as his Chocobo started walking towards the gate.

    “Guki, the lake continent…” Vale muttered, “Why would we be heading there?”

    “Well, even though it’s Aristocrat territory, it is said a lot of outlaws make there their home.”

    “So we’re going to police officer and show them the door?” Vale asked, not really excited.

    “Not exactly, I got a notice from one of the admirals that we are send there to hunt down some certain outlaws that rule over one of the biggest port cities. Gonder replied, as he yawned. “Just to think so much happened so early today…” He noted as he rubbed his eyes, and then stared at the road ahead.

    “Sometimes, you have those days…” Vale sighed, as he turned around so he lied on his back on the Chocobos saddle, as he then stared towards the sky. He saw a cloud that looked somewhat like a face, a female one. He had a slight smile on his face, another day, another adventure.

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