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Thread: Kamira and Shukaro, The Horrifying Night

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    Default Kamira and Shukaro, The Horrifying Night

    Ok..This is my first short story with a lot of blood in it...I mean a lot, at least to me anyway...this is my 3rd attempt at typing this thing here. My 1st and 2nd attempt at school....well I'm guessing my teachers logged me out from their controls because as soon as I clicked "Submit Thread" It said that I wasn't logged in.... >_> both times. So here I go a 3rd time at home this time though XD, well they say: 3rd times the charm, so let's hope so. This is the short story I wrote in class today. It's been months since I last wrote a short story but this is the first one that I decided to post. I hope everyone likes it. ^^


    Kamira and Shukaro, The Horrifying Night

    It was the dead of night, everyone was asleep.--- Everything was peaceful until an ear piercing scream shot through the air. Kamira jumped up from the bed, alarm set on her expression. She stumbled when her feet hit the floor. "Shukaro...?" She looks around the room frantically, searching for any sign from Shokuro, there were none. "Shukaro...this is not funny at all..", she says shakily as she steadies her breath.

    Suddenly, there was a crash that came from an area in the house that Kamira could not place, followed by another scream. "Shukaro!" Kamira dashes out of the bedroom and down the stairs to the hallway. After searching all of the first floor, exhausted, she falls to her knees and breaths heavily. "Where..could all of that noise have come from? Those..screams, and that loud crash..." She looks around herself once more and notices nothing. "Yet, everything is unchanged, nothing seems out of place..."

    Then, there was the sickening sound of flesh being sliced open and another ear splitting scream. Kamira shoots up the stairs and into the spare room where she notices Shukaro lacerated. She stares with shock as tears stream down her face. "Shukaro! W-who did this to you?!" She drops down and wraps her arms around his bloodstained body that keeps making blood flow. His crimson liquid spreading across the wooden floor.

    Shukaro look up at her, a pained look of agony and confusion in his eyes. "Kamira..." He grunts in pain and squeezes his eyes shut while clutching his stomach that spills his blood even more now. "Kamira..someone broke into our home...he told me that we are both going to die an excruciating death tonight...that our blood will forever be stained into this house...that our spirits will leave our bodies only to be trapped here for an eternity...." He trails off...

    Shukaro coughs uncontrollably and ends up coughing up a lot of blood everywhere. Kamira is sobbing beside him, deep in thought, not noticing a thing, and is unmoving. He looks at her with panic rising. "K-kamira! Behind you!" Kamira, not hearing anything at this moment, gets swept off of her feet by the severely lacerated and weak Shukaro who then starts running at full speed with her in his arms. Kamira looks at him with disbelief. "'re hurt! What the hell are you doing?! Put me down!" She wiggles from his grasp to get out of his arms. He gasps for air but his lungs don't want to take it in. He's becoming more and more congested while his lungs are filling up with blood. He gasps for air again and clutches his stomach once more, blood covering the floor.

    He looks up at her with pain filled eyes. "Kamira! He was behind you! He's coming now...he's following us...please get away from here.....Kamira...." His eyes droop as his face meets the floor. Darkness consumes him. Blood spreading out from his body. More blood, more of this cursed crimson liquid that makes your stomach churn. Kamira starts feeling dizzy and stumbles to keep her footing.

    Kamira grips the wall for support. "S-shukaro...?" She drops and starts to sob again. Loud, broken, desperate sobs. Then there is a click from behind her as the door to the room closes and locks, the killer just feet away from her and the body of her loved one whose blood is staining the floor. The killer looks pleased by the sight of this shaking girl who looks as if she could pass out from the sight of him. This murderer had deep scars everywhere on his body, like he underwent horrid, extreme torture... "Well, well girly, I guess it's your turn now, right?" An evil smirk flashes across his face as he licks Shukaro's blood from his fingers.

    The killer charges at Kamira with his arm extended, holding a knife. He makes at long and deep cut down her arm, god, that horrible sound again, the sound of ripping flesh... Kamira lets out a blood curdling scream that could be heard for miles. The killers smile got wider and wider, "I guess I'll have to kill you quicker now.. I wanted to have some fun, but you had to ruin it for me with that loud scream of yours...guess I'll just have a blast while doing it quick then... heheh." He lunges forward and pierces her stomach with the knife, shoving it deep and yanking it out just as quick. Her eyes get wide as she coughs once, a lot of blood.... Blood flowing from her stomach and onto the floor....staining it a bright crimson color. The room starts to spin as she meets the floor, just as her lover. Her last sight: The killers horrifying smirk. Getting darker and darker as her consciousness fades.---

    Kamira then shoots up in bed, in a cold sweat and screaming. Shukaro's arms are then tight around her. "Kamira, what's wrong? Are you hurt?" Sincere worry in his eyes as he looks at her tremble in his arms. She returns the tight and comforting embrace. " was only a dream...? We're both ok. It felt so real..." Shukaro smiles as he lays her down. "Kamira, yes, we're here and both fine and well. I'll hold you and make sure that you're next dream is good one." He embraces her warmly and kisses her softly. She then slowly falls asleep with a warm, content smile across her face.

    Ok...that's it. >_< comments please, and thank you for reading. ^^
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